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School Start Time Committee

Update on Three Village School Start Time Study

As a follow-up to the December school start time presentation by the Superintendent of Schools and Deputy Superintendent and at the request of the Board of Education, the Three Village Central School District has established a special School Start Time Committee. The members of this group represent stakeholders in the community, including parents, teachers, administrators and high school students.

In addition to examining the district’s current school start times, the new committee has been charged with discussing any feasible changes that may benefit students’ overall health and wellness. They will also examine both the positive and negative impacts that any proposed changes may bring. The committee’s work will not be limited to the options presented in December; rather, they will use those options as a preliminary springboard for future discussions.  

In addition to the work of the committee, the district will be conducting focus groups and sending out surveys to solicit feedback from the broader community. Please be assured that at this point, no decision has been made regarding school start times, nor is there a consensus on how to proceed in the future.        

The committee will be holding their first meeting in early February, and updates regarding their work will be shared here. All residents are encouraged to visit this section often for updates. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2022   |  District Home