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Committee Information



Bond Committee

The Bond Committee will assess building needs, develop improvement plans, and advise on a possible funding referendum for school infrastructure upgrades.

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Budget Advisory

The Budget Advisory Committee provides feedback to the Board of Education during the budget development process. It is representative of all stakeholders in the District.

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Calendar Committee

Established to develop recommendation to the Board of Education for the district calendar

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Cell Phone Committee

Established to evaluate current student cell phone use policies and make recommendations for improvement.

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Code of Conduct Committee

Developed in respect to Education Law, sections 11(1) and (2) and 2801(1), dictating that a written code of conduct must be adopted and enforced. Such a code shall be developed and reviewed in collaboration with student, teacher, administrator, and parent organizations, school safety personnel and other school personnel.

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Curriculum Development Committee

Three Village Central School District School Board Policy 4200, Curriculum Management, requires the review of all course proposals and curriculum writing projects.

The Curriculum Development Committee will recommend courses and curriculum projects to the Superintendent of Schools.  This committee will also review the procedures and documentation related to course proposals and curriculum writing as needed.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

The mission of the Three Village Central School District Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee is to foster inclusivity, value diversity, and promote equity in our school community.  As a district, we are committed to addressing and dismantling discriminatory treatment, unfair policies and biased practices based on race, gender, religion, ability and/or sexuality.  We will cultivate, acknowledge, celebrate and honor the cultural differences of our students, staff, parents and community members.  We do this with respect, self-awareness, authentic engagement, and a willingness to learn from one another. 

Click here for more information about the DEI Committee.

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Emergency Management Committee

District-wide team that addresses policies and procedures for response to emergency situations, evacuation, lockdown, lockout, post-intervention, etc.

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Program Review Committee

Reviews and recommends programmatic changes as addressed in BOE policy 0350.

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Professional Steering & Professional Development Committee

Plans and implements program, workshops, and activities for Superintendent’s Conference and Professional Development Days.  Plans and approves professional development activities and prepares the Professional Development Plan, which provides the necessary guidance to fulfill the requirements of NYS Commissioner’s Regulations 80-3.6(b), 100.2(dd).

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RtI Committee

Established to address requirements under  Commissioner’s Regulations 100.2 (ee) and Board Policy 4325

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School Safety Committee

Responsible for policies and procedures related to district-wide safety. 

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Site Based Management Committee

Required under NYSED regulation – oversees the management of schools.

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Strategic Planning 

Since the Board of Education’s charge to implement the recommendation of the Strategic Planning Committee to move the 6th and 9th grades while simultaneous examining school start time, we convened an Internal Review Committee and continued working with the Start Time Subcommittee.

Since the charge, Start Time Subcommittee has met twice and examine possible early start times based upon the required hours from the State Education Department. A subgroup has formed to conduct a survey of needs within the community. They met once already and will be meeting over the summer to conduct a beta test survey. The full survey will be presented in September.

The Internal Review Committee met once as a full group and then had three separate meetings on Elementary, Secondary, and SEL. In addition, another group met on examining the house plan concept. We will be running a mock schedule over the summer for the secondary component to determine needs. The Elementary is examining enrollments and potential requirements of UPK for 4 year olds by 2030 and 3 year olds by 2035. In addition, we are paying close attention to the migrant placements if they in fact are placed at SUNY dorms. The SEL meeting determine that we will need to begin further mental health supports for students in the secondary and elementary programs. A subgroup is examining the house plan concept and/or other potential methods of supporting students. Visitations to schools will occur in the fall.

Currently, the committees feel that the changes for the 6th and 9th may not be able to occur for the 2024-25 school year. However, a final determination will occur in September.

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Sustainability Committee

Review and recommend procedures and programs related to sustainability 

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Technology Committee

Meets to plan, discuss and promote the use of technology throughout the district, primarily to support student learning and enhance teaching.  

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Wellness & HIV/AIDS Committee

Advocates for the health and well-being of the students, staff and community.

Click here for information on the Wellness Committee.

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