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NOW OPEN...The Brand New Indoor Recess Room!!!

Today, January 26, 2017 marked the grand opening of the new Mount Indoor Recess Room.  Children relaxed with friends, played board games or Legos, and utilized a life - size Connect 4 game.  The children were excited to visit this fun and vibrant space as an alternative to their classroom when outdoor recess is not feasible.  The recess room is a work in progress and plans for many more fun activities are being planned.

Our Mount Authors Celebrate Writing! 

The entire Mount student body was celebrating last month! Celebrating, what?  Well writing of course!! Across grade levels students and teachers hosted writing celebrations for children to share their hard work and celebrate a published writing piece. Inspired by the Lucy Calkins - Writing Units, children engaged in the process of taking a piece of writing and revising and editing that piece based on class mini - lessons, peer conferencing, and teacher conferencing.  After revisiting the same writing piece over an extended period of time, the piece was published and shared. Celebrations included tea parties, grade level gatherings, and cross grade - level get togethers.  Pictured above is Ms. McNally's kindergarten class celebrating their writing with a special stuffed animal, wearing their pajamas of course!


It's a Bird.. It's a Plane.....

No, It's the Kindergarten Teachers!


Why are the kindergarten teachers at Mount dressed up as Super Heroes?  Of course, it is to kick off their new Teacher's College Reading Unit, "Readers Use Super Powers to Read Everything in the Classroom and Beyond."  These super teachers dressed up to motivate their students to become active learners in the process of learning to read.  Kindergarten students became super heroes as well and demonstrated their super powers as they walked around the building reading print and words around the school.  The excitement from the students as they began this year's reading journey was inspiring!


Learning and Growing at Mount

 "If we're growing, we're always going to be out of our comfort zone."  - John Maxwell.

What is unique about the above picture?  Right in the middle of Ms. Pushee's second graders is one of Mount's sixth grade teachers, Mr. Lingner.  Mr. Linger stresses to his own class of sixth graders how it is important to always do your best and try new things that are going to challenge and inspire you.  Mr. Linger became a role model to his students when he picked up the book, "School's First Day of School ", by Adam Rex  and read to a group of second graders.  Mr. Lingner has been a sixth grade teacher his entire career, so reading a picture book to seven year olds was something he wanted to do to grow personally and professionally.

Mr. Lingner's relationship with Ms. Pushee's class will continue throughout the 2016 - 2017 school since his students will be buddies to the students in Ms. Pushee's class.  Children in each of the classes are paired up and become "buddies."  The first activity the buddies did together was create a Venn Diagram of similarities and differences.  As the year progresses, the buddies will meet to engage in activities that enhance the curriculum.



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Current News

Living History

Living History Photo

As part of their social studies curriculum, fifth-grade students at W.S. Mount Elementary School stepped back in time when they participated in an immigration simulation.

Leading up to the program, the students researched a family member who had immigrated to the United States. During the simulation, the students dressed and acted as that individual.  

Once inside the cafeteria, or “Ellis Island,” they began the process of becoming an immigrant. Parent and staff volunteers were on hand in the school’s mini-gym monitoring the different immigration stations, which checked the immigrants’ background, vocation, character and health, and ultimately cleared them for citizenship. Once accepted as citizens, the students were asked to review a copy of the federal constitution, were given a commemorative U.S. citizen identification card stamped with their fingerprints, and were asked to recite the Loyalty Oath. 

At the conclusion of the program, the fifth-graders gathered in the auditorium to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and the Loyalty Oath in unison. 

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