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351 Oxhead Road

Stony Brook,NY 11790                         Phone:  (631)730-4800                        Fax :  (631) 730-4804


Attendance/Health Office: 730-4810

Transportation Office: 730-5070

Weather Related Information: 730-4050

Vincent Vizzo, Principal
Jonathon Rufa, Assistant Principal Kerri Kilkenny, Dean of Students

School Hours: 7:35 a.m. - 2:20 p.m.

   Quote of the Month

"Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get back up"

Robert Schuller



NEW Open House Night

Thursday, October 5th



WMHS Homecoming


Murphy PTO Welcome Message

NEW Career Awareness Fair

Thursday, November 2nd

Letter for Prospective Business Participants


 7th & 8th Grade SRI Make Up Testing Dates

9/25 & 9/26

(Testing will take place during English class)


2017-2018 Program of Study


Murphy PTO Registration Form


Murphy Food Pantry




 NEW! PVSA Award Winners



R.C. Murphy Jazz Band Performance



Long Island Music Fest at Adventure Park



Murphy & Gelinas Wrestling Match


Murphy & Gelinas Girl's Volleyball Teams



Chamber Orchestra & Chamber Choir Performance

Long Island State Veterans' Home






2016 Homecoming Carnival



Big Thank you to the Community Connections Club from 

Stony Brook Medicine 


R.C. Murphy JHS & Longwood JHS Student Exchange

May 12th





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