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Vincent Vizzo, Principal
Jonathon Rufa, Assistant Principal Kerri Kilkenny, Dean of Students

School Hours: 7:35 a.m. - 2:20 p.m.

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Current News

Conversations on Second Chances

R.C. Murphy Junior High School students learned about the effects that choices have on one’s life and the importance of working to overcome obstacles during a Town Hall assembly with inspirational speakers Jerry Figgiani and Robert Aliano.   

During the assembly, both men shared messages of determination, overcoming adversity and perseverance as they told Robert’s story – which included how he sustained a traumatic injury that almost ended his life and the path he took to change his future. That path included working with Jerry who inspired him to learn how to walk again with the help of karate.

After the event, the students participated in a Google Classroom activity where they were provided with the opportunity to reflect on their experience and share how they overcame obstacles in their own lives and who they go to for support.

Using History to Create News

Using History to Create News Photo 1
Using History to Create News Photo 2
R.C. Murphy Junior High School seventh-grade students in Michelle Hanczor's honors English class recently completed a technology infused project that called for them to become broadcast news reporters using a program called News Maker. 

After reading a historical book, the students worked with library media specialist Betsy Knox to create and perform a news script based on the information they learned. In addition to this, they investigated the time period of their novel in order to produce a formal research paper.

By using News Maker, the students were able to actively participate in 21st Century literacies and enjoyed using their creative talents and personalities while discussing and sharing their independent quarterly reading.

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist Cast Photo

R.C. Murphy Junior High School’s musical theater company took to the stage to perform the Broadway hit musical “Oliver!” before packed audiences this March.

The musical followed the life of Oliver Twist, an orphan in England who runs  away from an orphanage headed by the cruel Mr. Bumble and the life of crime he learns about when meeting a new friend named the Artful Dodger. Oliver’s life appears to turn around when a kind and wealthy gentleman rescues him after Oliver is falsely accused of a theft he didn’t commit. 

Throughout the show the talented cast of student-actors and vocalists dazzled audiences with their flawless performance of classic and beloved songs such as “Food, Glorious Food,” and “Where is Love.” In addition to the regularly scheduled evening performances, the students offered a free showing of the musical to area senior citizens and district sixth-graders before opening night.   

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