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"Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great,

you can be that generation."

Nelson Mandela



Grade 7 & Grade 8


3/28, 3/29 & 3/30


R.C. Musical Theatre Company Presents: Oliver! 

March 21 - 23 6:30PM

March 24 & 25 7:30PM

Tickets: $15; For More Information Call 631-730-4831

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Spring into Art and Technology Exhibit NEW!

 Saturday, April 22nd


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Current News

Powerful Persuasive Projects

Powerful Persuasive Projects
Ninth-grade honors students in Cathy Duffy’s English classes at R.C. Murphy Junior High School learned about argument, persuasion and the use of rhetoric during a recent interactive lesson.

Before reading Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s inaugural address, where the students would look for rhetoric and examine its effect on the listener/reader, they learned about the subject hands-on. Working in small teams, the students conceptualized a new product to solve a common life problem and then made short video commercials using the rhetorical concepts of ethos, pathos and logos to convince the viewer to purchase said product.  

“The students loved working with the subject matter in this way,” said Ms. Duffy. “They were able to better understand the concepts and will hopefully be better able to spot these types of rhetorical devices in the future as a result.”

Warm Treats for a Warm Winter

Warm Treats for a Warm Winter
Prior to this year’s winter break, R.C. Murphy Junior High School’s Community Connections Club rolled up their sleeves and made 13 chicken potpies for local families in need.

The students used their culinary skills to prepare the delicious filling of cooked chicken, vegetables and spices, and then froze the mixture in a flakey piecrust for the receiving families to heat and enjoy at their leisure. Cooking instructions were included in the care packages so each family could fill their home with the delicious aroma before enjoying their meal.

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