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351 Oxhead Road

Stony Brook,NY 11790
Phone: (631)730-4800
Fax : (631) 730-4804

Health Office: 730-4810 FAX: 730-4804

Nurses C. Trentini & D. DeGennaro

Attendance Office: 730-4852

Transportation Office: 730-5070

Weather Related Information: 730-4050

Brian Biscari, Ed. D. Principal
Jonathon RufaAssistant Principal 
Brian Pickford, Dean of Students

School Hours: 7:35am - 2:20pm




"Believe you can and you are halfway there."

-Theodore Roosevelt




NEW! Murphy is Thankful


NEW! Emergency Dismissal Drill

Tuesday, November 24



EW! Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up

November 16, 8:00am

Parent Login Step by Step Guide

Teacher Reacher Link


NEW! Virtual Parent Teacher Conference

December 2



2020 - 2021 Course Syllabi

  2020 - 2021 Program of Study


Working Papers Information:

Instructions on Obtaining Working Papers

NYS Application for Employment Certification AT-17

NYS Child Performer School Form LS 560

NYS Physical Fitness Certification AT-16


Chromebook Procedures and Information Guide

Murphy PTO Registration Form

Murphy Food Pantry



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