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Musical Honors – MYO Selections

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Congratulations to the following talented Three Village music students who have been selected to participate in The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of New York's Suffolk Choirs and Orchestras this year. They will be featured in the following MYO performances this season:

November 5, 2017 Concerts at the Staller Center, Stony Brook University

March 18, 2018 at the Tilles Center, LIU Post
(Featuring Ward Melville HS student and MYO 2016-17 Concerto Competition Winner: Victor Jiao performing Lalo's Symphonie Espagnole Op. 21)

May 6, 2018 at Carnegie Hall

MYO European Tour in July, 2018
(Ward Melville HS students Ryan Krug, Amanda Sheehan, Charles and William Sun, and Emily Wilson will perform in Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest this summer.)

First Name

Last Name

School Name



Ward Melville High School



Ward Melville High School



Nassakeag Elementary School



Ward Melville High School



PJ Gelinas Junior High School



Ward Melville High School



Gelinas Jr. High School



Ward Melville High School



PJ Gelinas Junior High School



PJ Gelinas Junior High School



Ward Melville High School



R.C. Murphy Jr.High School



Nassakeag Elementary School



R.C. Murphy Jr.High School



Ward Melville High School



Ward Melville High School



Gelinas Junior High School



R.C. Murphy Jr.High School



Minnesauke Elementary School



Ward Melville High School



PJ Gelinas Junior High School



Ward Melville High School



R.C. Murphy Jr.High School



P.J. Gelinas Junior High School



Ward Melville High School



Ward Melville High School



Nassakeag Elementary School



Ward Melville High School



Ward Melville High School



R.C. Murphy Jr.High School



Ward Meville High School



R.C. Murphy Jr.High School



Nassakeag Elementary School



R.C. Murphy Jr.High School


Baking Up a Fun-Filled Lesson

Baking Up a Fun-Filled Lesson photo

The creative intricacies faced by a professional baker were front and center as students enrolled in Ward Melville High School’s gourmet foods classes competed in a cupcake-war competition this November.

Working in small groups, the students conceptualized, sketched designs for and ultimately baked exquisite cupcakes based on the theme of either Under the Sea or the four seasons. Student designs ranged from cupcakes shaped and decorated to look like hamburgers, frosty snowflakes and even colorful flowers. 

After working on their pieces throughout the week, the students faced a panel of judges who assessed their tasty creations based on four categories: taste, presentation, texture and creativity. 

“As a teacher I was so humbled by the unbelievable creations the students made,” said Jenna Raia, who teaches the course along with Emma Domino. “The magnitude of their work was just incredible, and it truly showcased their talents.” 

Taking a Look at Local Ecology

Taking a Look at Local Ecology photo

R.C. Murphy Junior High School’s Earth SMART classes recently took their learning outside of the classroom. They participated in an interactive program called the Flax Pond Marine Lab through Stony Brook University’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences.

For the project, the students traveled to the laboratory, located in Old Field, New York, to learn about the history, biology and geology of the area. According to its website, “the Flax Pond Marine Lab is an active research and instructional facility involved in investigating fundamental problems affecting marine fisheries on regional and national scales. The lab is located at Flax Pond, a 0.6 km² preserve that encompasses an entire tidal wetland area.” 

During their visit, students spent some time in the marsh learning about its ecology and then went inside the lab to learn about what experiments were being conducted there, including how temperature affects the growth of blue shelled crab, among others. Additionally, the students spent some time on the stream table to learn about erosion and how water moves the soil.  

Saturday Enrichment - Registration Extended to Nov. 24 - Click here


Upcoming STEM Family Night – Dec. 1


Making Connections to Ancient Greece

Making Connections to Ancient Greece photo

R.C. Murphy Junior High School’s ninth-grade global history and geography classes recently took a trip back in time. They created projects highlighting the culture of ancient Greece and then studied its effect on today’s modern world.

Working in small groups, the students researched such topics as food, government, theater, art, architecture, myth-religion, philosophy, athletics and many others topics as part of the assignment. Using their research, the students then created poster boards and displays highlighting the connection between the two time periods. and what contributions could be traced back to ancient Greece. For example, one group made comparisons between the ancient Greek Olympics and the competition organized today, while another created a replica of a dinner table from ancient Greece. The table showcased items that were staples in the Greek diet, how it changed over time and how the culture viewed food as beautiful art.

The students from each class had the chance to view their peers’ work as they completed a cultural scavenger hunt, looking for key facts highlighted in the displayed projects and documenting the contributions in a written assignment. 

Ward Melville HS Commends All-County Musicians

Ward Melville HS Commends All-County Musicians photo
Ward Melville High School student-musicians can often be found displaying their outstanding musical talents during school concerts and special programs. Thirty-eight of them will showcase their exquisite talents during the NYSCAME/SCMEA All-County Music Festival this November. 

“For the third year in a row, our district has had the most students selected in all of Suffolk County for this outstanding honor,” said district Director of Music Anthony Pollera. “Congratulations to our students and staff for all their hard work and dedication!”

The district congratulates the following student-musicians and wishes them well as they take part in the upcoming festival. 




































































































First Quarter Report Cards for Grades 7-12 Now Available

First quarter report cards are now available in the Infinite Campus portal for all students in grades 7-12. They can be found in the Reports section.

Visit to the Farm Yields Educational Experience for Students

Visit to the Farm Yields Educational Experience for Students photo
Visit to the Farm Yields Educational Experience for Students photo 2
The district’s secondary-level gourmet food classes had the chance to experience the agricultural business and learn where the food on their plates is coming from during a recent visit to Sang Lee Farms, Peconic, New York. 

Sang Lee Farms opened in the 1940s and began in the farming industry with Asian produce. The business continues to grow, thanks to the moderate climate offered by its location between the Long Island Sound and Peconic Bay. Now, the farm has expanded and includes a larger variety of locally grown, organic produce that has gained an excellent reputation. 

While touring the farm, students were able to pick, wash and sample items such as specialty baby greens, herbs, flowers and seasonal vegetables. Students also got the chance to purchase items such as salads, spreads and dips made fresh utilizing produce from the farms. They were excited to pick vegetables right from the ground, apples from the trees and bring home the “fruits of their labor” to enjoy with family and friends. 

Public Notice: November Board of Education Meetings


Students’ Futures Filled with Opportunities

Students’ Futures Filled with Opportunities photo

R.C. Murphy Junior High School ninth-grade students had the chance to experience a wide variety of professional careers when they attended this November’s Career Awareness Fair in the gymnasium.

The event, which featured fields including medical, security, technology and government, enabled the students to learn about the variety of professional opportunities that await them after graduation and speak candidly with individuals working in those areas. Through these conversations, the students not only learned about career options but also areas that they might wish to explore by enrolling in some of the district’s robust elective-course options. 

During the fair, the students circulated the room, visiting booths discussing their career interests or discovering a new field of which they did not have previous knowledge. In doing so, they were able to gain a better idea of the field’s educational requirements, learn about daily job requirements, the skills necessary to be successful in that business and any personal qualities necessary for success. 

Field Hockey Wins States

Field Hockey Wins States Pic
Congratulations to the Ward Melville High School Varsity Field Hockey team, as they captured the New York State Championship on Nov. 12 in Binghamton NY with a 1-0 overtime victory over Miane-Endwell High School. The team finished the season with an undefeated record of 22- 0 – the best in the school’s history!

Lessons on Local History

Lessons on Local History photo
Lessons on Local History photo 2
Lessons on Local History photo 3
As an extension of the new Local History and Government elective, students from P.J. Gelinas Junior High School and R.C. Murphy Junior High School had the chance to learn more about their community as they explored the beautiful historic district of Setauket this October.  

Guided by local historians Beverly Tyler and Donna Smith, students enrolled in these courses took a walking tour through time and learned about their community through the ages. Topics explored included ecological concerns, Native Americans, colonial Brookhaven, the Revolution and, of course, the spy ring that existed in the area. 

“Students who are enrolled in this course are being offered so much in the areas of local and Long Island history and are working with the teachers and librarians in their respective schools in order to advance their research, as well as their literacy skills,” said Three Village K-12 Director for Social Studies Dr. Paul Gold. “Field trips that pair us with our local historians and the Three Village Historical Society provide wonderful learning opportunities for all students beyond the traditional classroom instruction. We thank TVHS, Donna Strong Smith, and Bev Tyler for working with our ninth-graders and offering a valuable learning experience for all those who attended.”

Important Snapchat Privacy Information

Every October, students participate in Digital Citizenship lessons which include a variety of topics including online privacy/security, copyright and fair use, and digital footprints.  As a result of these lessons, a group of Three Village students has prepared the following information regarding the popular Snapchat app to assist other students, parents and community members to be safe online. Snapchat added a new feature in June that allows users to be geographically located and tracked, called Snapmap.

Snapchat is a very popular, yet potentially dangerous, social media platform. It is an alternative smartphone messaging app that is particularly popular amongst teens. The creators of Snapchat recently released a new feature called the “Snapmap”, which enables Snapchat users to see what their friends are up to, and what is happening nearby.  Although this feature is meant to be a fun way of connecting with friends, it has recently been used inappropriately by some users to stalk and bully others.  It is recommended that you have your children turn on “Ghost Mode,” which is a safer alternative to this new addition. ¨Ghost Mode¨ is a function paired with the Snapmap that allows you to make yourself hidden from other users.  

To get to the Snapmap, you must make a pinching motion with two fingers on the screen.  After you get to the Snapmap, in order to turn on Ghost Mode, go to the settings option in the top right corner. The first option in map settings says “Ghost Mode.” When you switch this option on, it enables Ghost Mode, making you invisible to all other users using Snapchat. 

Additional information regarding this feature can be found in this article. -

Designing a Day of Learning

Designing a Day of Learning photo

Students from the Three Village Academy collaborated with teachers and peers to create artistic Day of the Dead-inspired skull pattern designs.

During a field trip to Gallery North, the students learned about the significance this holiday plays in the Spanish culture and participated in Spanish lessons. After learning that the skull designs are based on traditional sugar skulls used to celebrate the holiday in Latin American countries, the students deployed their creativity to create original pieces of art. Equipped with bright colored pencils and black paper, the students sketched intricate designs and collaborated on their personal masterpieces with the help of the teachers in attendance, including Michael Sacco, Brian Scripture and Jim Swierupski. 

The completed projects will be put on display at the gallery at a later date and a reception will be held in the students’ honor. 

A similar project was completed at P.J. Gelinas Junior High School with the eight-grade students in Mr. Sacco’s art classes. 

A Look Inside the Film Industry

A Look Inside the Film Industry photo
Ward Melville High School art, graphic design and film students had the chance to learn about the film industry – particularly the Los Angeles sector – when Class of 1991 graduate and current producer Tara Langton conducted a workshop at the school. 

During the in-house program, the students had the chance to view Ms. Langton’s short film “Finding Anissa Jones,” which was accepted into the Stella Adler Academy Short + Sweet Film Festival in Hollywood, and engage in a question and answer session with the independent filmmaker. Ms. Langton explained the path she took to create her film – one for which she was writer, actor and producer – and her passion for the craft. 

“This event was a great eye-opening experience for the students, as they were able to understand the vastness of making a film,” said teacher Stephanie DiLorenzo. “By seeing her film, including the outtakes, the students were able to feel validation for what they are doing in the classroom, and it was good for them to get input on the process from a different voice.”

As a follow-up to the visit, each student was presented with a tip sheet of advice that Ms. Langton’s team of directors compiled, which included things that they wished they knew when first starting in the industry. 

“It was truly helpful to hear from someone in the industry – especially as that someone has the same educational background as each of us,” said junior Jake DePinto. “Knowing how difficult it can be to break through in this industry, her talk was very inspiring and resonated with the importance of never giving up on one’s passion and being a strong advocate for your project.”

Unifying School Communities

Unifying School Communities photo
Unifying School Communities photo 2
Unifying School Communities photo 3
Unifying School Communities photo 4
R.C. Murphy Junior High School students and staff reaffirmed their commitment to creating a positive learning environment by taking part in a series of activities in recognition of Unity Day this October. 

A sea of orange – the national symbolism for unity/anti-bullying – blanketed the building throughout the week, including everything from orange bracelets worn by students to construction paper signs with positive quotes and a mural in the school cafeteria. 

Students also reflected upon how to create a sense of unity within their local and global community in their history or English classes and attended a moving assembly program with Rohan Murphy. Mr. Murphy spoke with the students about the personal struggles he faced after losing both his legs for genetic reasons and how he has realized his dreams – including becoming a collegiate wrestler – despite what some might consider physical limitations. 

The unifying week concluded with grade-level pep rallies during school lunch periods. During these events, students were seen wearing orange and were invited to help make a giant U shape.  

First-grade students in Jennifer Frole’s class at Minnesauke Elementary School also celebrated Unity day when they each wore an orange piece of clothing. 

Holiday Electric Parade – Dec. 10


Building Bridges, Breaking Records

Building Bridges, Breaking Records photo
R.C. Murphy Junior High School’s eighth-grade technology class taught by Derek Angermaier has been exploring the topic of structural engineering by designing and building bridge structures. 

The bridges were designed using all available resources and enhanced with Bridge Designer software simulations.

Tested to support a remarkable 104.4 pounds, a bridge designed and constructed by Justin Santana set a new record for the school and was determined to have the highest structural efficiency in his class. Structural efficiency is the relationship between the weight of the structure and the weight supported. The previous record was 78.2 pounds. 

Tackling Teen Issues

Tackling Teen Issues photo
To provide support and open the lines of communication among their peers and adults, P.J. Gelinas Junior High School Theatre Company recently presented its 15th annual adolescent-themed play, “The Struggles.” 

The play, written in 2014, truthfully portrays modern-day issues affecting a majority of teens, including dyslexia, anxiety, ADD and stress. This production marked the Long Island premier of the show and included 20 original narrations authored by current Ward Melville High School senior Meghan Forte. 

Showing Programs to Regent Tilles

Showing Programs to Regent Tilles photo

The district’s students and staff had the chance to meet with and showcase one of the district’s most innovative programs during a recent visit with New York State Regent Roger Tilles.

After sharing some of his favorite poems with Minnesauke Elementary School’s third-grade classes, Regent Tilles had the chance to experience the school’s elementary STEM program by visiting a class. In addition, Ward Melville High School junior Ben Catalfo was commended by the Regent for his tenacity and unparalleled advocacy for all students in New York State. Ben’s efforts resulted in the state agreeing to discount a flawed question on the June 2017 Geometry Regents. 

Marching to the Sound of Musical Talents

Marching to the Sound of Musical Talents photo
Ward Melville High School’s volunteer marching band showcased their musical talents and group precision as they took part in the 55th annual Newsday Marching Band Festival at Mitchell Field. 

This year’s band worked under the direction of teachers Dan Hayes and Brendan Meier and the assistance of this year’s drum majors and section leaders (pictured here) to perfect this year’s routine.  

The band’s full performance can be seen here:

VIDEO: Day of Writing


Painted Support for a Minnesauke Student

Painted Support for a Minnesauke Student photo

Minnesauke Elementary School students, staff and community came together to support one of their own this October through an event called the Gracie Strong Paint Night fundraiser.

With the help of local artist Melissa Devine Hin, attendees were instructed in how to create cooperative pieces of artwork that they were able to take home.

The event was hosted by Minnesauke faculty and staff, with the support of the PTA, local businesses, family and friends. Local businesses and teachers from throughout Three Village Central School District donated gifts cards to raffle off. 

The school raised more than $3,418 for the honoree. 

Arrowhead Shows It CARES

Arrowhead Shows It CARES photo

The overarching messages included in Arrowhead Elementary School’s character education program – called CARES – were proudly displayed during the school’s first assembly program of the year this October.

During the event, teachers and students came together to explain the program’s acronym and how everyone can be compassionate, accepting, respectful, encouraging and sharing each day. 

As an added reminder of the importance of the topic, Arrowhead’s mascot – CARES the Bear – made a special appearance during the event and helped to announce that those students who are “caught” displaying one of the program’s themes will be rewarded with various tokens of appreciation – including commemorative CARES pencils, bags or bracelets. 

Celebrating Volunteers

Celebrating Volunteers photo

In honor of Board of Education recognition week this October, members of the Three Village Central School District community came together to honor and celebrate community volunteers who serve on the district’s Board of Education and the district clerk, Kathleen Sampogna.

Representatives from each school – including students, teachers and administrators – spoke on behalf of their building’s Board liaison, providing biographical information on the select trustee, before providing them with a token of the district’s appreciation. These tokens included original artwork created by a student or small group of students from that school building. 

Winning Tennis Team

Winning Tennis Team photo
Congratulations to Ward Melville High School varsity tennis coach Erick Sussin and the entire team for winning the Suffolk County Championship with a score of 4-3 over Half Hollow Hills East!

A National Educational Honoree

A National Educational Honoree photo
A National Educational Honoree photo 2
A National Educational Honoree photo 3
A National Educational Honoree photo 4
In honor of her exemplary teaching practices, Minnesauke Elementary School fifth-grade teacher Kate Hunter has been named the Outstanding Elementary Social Studies Teacher of the Year by The National Council for the Social Studies and will be honored at the 97th NCSS Annual Conference in San Francisco on Nov. 17-19.

Ms. Hunter’s teaching model focuses on engaging students in social problems both local and international as she encourages them to develop empathy and engage in making change. In addition to the national honor she received, Ms. Hunter was commended for her inspirational teachings during a recent visit with New York State Regent Roger Tilles.

Ms. Hunter received her New York Permanent Certification in Elementary Education in 2003 after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Master of Science in Elementary Education from C.W. Post, Long Island University, New York. She was awarded the Margaret Simon Outstanding Teacher of Social Studies by the Long Island Council for the Social Studies in 2016 and recently was recognized as Outstanding Elementary Social Studies Teacher of the Year by the New York State Council for the Social Studies. 

She serves in the educational advisory committee of several organizations, including the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County. Besides LICSS, NYSCSS and NCSS, her affiliations include The Southern Poverty Law Center, One Clip at a Time, and Three Village Teachers Association. She conducts professional development classes for teachers at various local, state and national conferences and is passionate about helping students turn social studies into informed social action. 
The NCSS Annual Conference is the largest and most comprehensive social studies professional development conference where social studies educators share, interact, develop ideas and enhance their skills. This year’s theme, ”Expanding Visions/Bridging Traditions,” will offer more than 900 content-rich sessions covering all subjects and grade levels, a lineup of renowned speakers and education experts and numerous exhibiting organizations displaying the latest in educational resources. 

Ward Melville Seniors Named Commended Scholars

Ward Melville Seniors Named Commended Scholars photo
Twenty-five Ward Melville High School seniors have been named Commended Students in the 2018 National Merit Scholarship Program. 

Approximately 34,000 of the approximately 50,000 highest scorers were chosen for this honor based on their exceptional results on the 2016 PSAT/NMSQT.

These selected students received letters of commendation in recognition of their outstanding academic performance and, although they will not continue in the running for National Merit scholarships, they do have the chance to earn special scholarships sponsored by corporate businesses.  

Taking Care of Teddy

Taking Care of Teddy photo
Taking Care of Teddy photo 2
Taking Care of Teddy photo 3
Taking Care of Teddy photo 4
Arrowhead Elementary School kindergarten students had a chance to learn about the medical field in a fun and interactive way this fall when representatives from Stony Brook Children’s Hospital conducted the “Teddy Bear Clinic” program. 

During this event, the students learned about such things as car and helmet safety before dressing up as doctors and nurses and “taking care” of their injured stuffed animals. 

Painted Runners Raise Support

Painted Runners Raise Support photo

Setauket Elementary School recently sponsored its first Color Splash Run/Walk in honor of one of Setauket’s students, Amelia Calderone, who is suffering from Langerhans cell histiocytosis, an illness that causes the production of too many white blood cells and causes the formation of tumors.

Approximately 600 students, parents and staff members registered for the event. Despite the rain, the majority of registrants turned out for dancing, color-splashing and a one-mile trek in honor of this very special student. The race went from Setauket School through Frank Melville Park and back to the school and raised over $6,800 for the Calderone family.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Hall of Fame Inductees photo
Hall of Fame Inductees photo 2
Hall of Fame Inductees photo 3
Hall of Fame Inductees photo 4
The year’s homecoming festivities began with an early morning ceremony for the Class of 2017 Hall of Fame inductees. The Ward Melville High School Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the athletic programs at Ward Melville through their participation as athletes, their tireless efforts as administrators and coaches, and their unparalleled support as friends.
This year’s inductees included Donald Webster (former athletic director), Kurt Ferraro (coach), Mike Gray (Class of 1974), Gerard Arceri (Class of 1982), Rick LeDoux (Class of 1982), Barbara Troiano-Vanbeyrer (Class of 1987), Mary Mullane-Flynn (Class of 1988), Todd Sauerbrun (Class of 1991), Krysta Johnson (Class of 1999), Shannon Watson-Sioss (Class of 1999), Chris Passavia (Class of 2000), Chris Tingue (Class of 2004), Jackie Morrison (Class of 2005), Shaylyn Blaney-Butler (Class of 2007), Steven Matz (Class of 2009) and Georgia Holland (Class of 2010). 

2017 Siemens Semifinalists

2017 Siemens Semifinalists Pic

Ward Melville High School students Faima Quadir and Andrew Zhang are among the 491 semifinalists named nationwide on Oct. 17 in the 2017 Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology.

The semifinalists’ projects were selected from more than 1,860 in science, technology, engineering and math fields.
Faima worked on a group project called “Cloud Mode Anomaly Detection in the Cimel Sunphotometer Using Machine Learning Algorithms” – a project that looked at ways to enhance the current tools used for predicting, monitoring and managing future climate change. As part of her research, Faima worked to create a program in Python that would automate anomaly detection through machine learning algorithms, which look for patterns in the data to classify it as good or bad.

Andrew’s project was titled “Sorting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Using the Surfactant Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate and the Synthesized Organic Molecule Triptycene-Dimer.” In this project, a nonplanar aromatic molecule, triptycene-dimer (trip-dimer), and a common surfactant, sodium dodecyl sulfate, were used to sort single-walled carbon nanotubes. SWNTs have the capability to replace silicon as the semiconductor used for computing applications. To realize this promise, methods such as these need to be developed to sort SWNTs into their constituent components.


According to the organization, the semifinalists will now be judged to determine who advances on to six regional competitions held in November. Individual and team winners of the regional contests earn the opportunity to compete in the national finals held at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., in December, where $500,000 in scholarships will be awarded, including two top prizes of $100,000.

Teddy Bear Clinic

Homecoming Victory

Homecoming Victory Pic

Spirit and pride abounded as the district came together to celebrate homecoming 2017 under sunny and warm skies this October.

The event began with an early morning ceremony for the Class of 2017 Hall of Fame inductees. The Ward Melville High School Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the athletic programs at Ward Melville through their participation as athletes, their tireless efforts as administrators and coaches, and their unparalleled support as friends. 
This year’s inductees included Donald Webster (former athletic director), Kurt Ferraro (coach), Mike Gray (Class of 1974), Gerard Arceri (Class of 1982), Rick LeDoux (Class of 1982), Barbara Troiano-Vanbeyrer (Class of 1987), Mary Mullane-Flynn (Class of 1988), Todd Sauerbrun (Class of 1991), Krysta Johnson (Class of 1999), Shannon Watson-Sioss (Class of 1999), Chris Passavia (Class of 2000), Chris Tingue (Class of 2004), Jackie Morrison (Class of 2005), Shaylyn Blaney-Butler (Class of 2007), Steven Matz (Class of 2009) and Georgia Holland (Class of 2010). 

Before kick off of the big game, community members of all ages came together to enjoy a multistationed carnival and show their Patriots Pride. Set up on the back lawn of the school, the event featured games and activities for all ages, including bounce houses and face painting stations. Additionally, the banners created by each elementary school in honor of the event and in celebration of the district’s 50th anniversary were displayed throughout the carnival grounds. 

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Patriots logo and team name was painted pink on the stadium field and many players wore the color as part of their team uniform. Additionally, members of the varsity cheerleading team used pink pom-poms as they led the supportive crowd in many cheers. 

When the varsity football team took to the field, a sense of support filled the stadium, support not only for the hometown team but also for the competitors from Sachem East. Ward Melville players led a moment of silence at the start of the game for a member of the Sachem football community who had passed away earlier this year and painted a number five on the visitor’s sidelines to show their support.  

The homecoming game opened with a remarkable kickoff return for a 93-yard touchdown. The Patriots maintained a strong lead over Sachem for the remainder of the game, ultimately winning with a final score of 32-0. 

During halftime, the newly inducted Hall of Fame members were once again honored, Arrowhead Elementary School was named the winner of the banner competition, and members of the marching band and cheerleading teams, including the youth squads, performed.  

Student’s Film Screened in NYC

Student’s Film Screened in NYC Pic
A documentary film created by Ward Melville High School sophomore Elyas Masrour was selected for this year’s All American Film Festival, which was held in New York City on Oct. 7 and 8.

Elyas’ film, “Peep: The Story of the Piping Plovers on West Meadow Beach,” was filmed locally in the summer of 2016 and documents the plight of the piping plover, an endangered bird species. This film was screened in Times Square as part of the festival. 

Following the screening, Elyas attended an awards ceremony and reception at the historic Kings Theatre in Brooklyn. While Elyas’ film was created as an independent project, he credits his film under the guidance of P.J. Gelinas Junior High School science teacher Gary Vorwald and West Meadow Beach Park Ranger Molly Hastings. 

Extending Appreciation

Extending Appreciation photo
During its late September meeting, the Three Village Central School District Board of Education extended its deepest appreciation to two members of the community who have aided the district in training all staff in proper first aid procedures. 

Colby Rowe, Trauma Center Education and Prehospital Outreach Coordinator for Stony Brook Medicine, and District Manager for the Setauket Fire District Dave Sterne, were commended for the dedication that they and their agencies have given the district. In recent years, both organizations have provided the district with resources to complete staff training workshops on such techniques as CPR, the use of automated external defibrillators and how to control life-threatening bleeding associated with massive wounds.  

Difference Maker – Richard Guez

Difference Maker – Richard Guez photo

Setauket Elementary School teacher Richard Guez regularly finds ways to inspire his students within the classroom. For the past two and a half years, he has shared that passion on a global level by volunteering with the TKO Strong Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising awareness and support for those diagnosed with the extremely rare and life-threatening microvillus inclusion disease.

MVID is a genetic disease in which the intestinal tract is fully formed but does not function, rendering those with the condition unable to absorb nutrients or water. The TKO Strong Foundation was formed in 2014 by Thomas Kevin Onorato’s parents shortly after he was diagnosed with MVID as a newborn and after learning that more than half of the 30 million people living with rare diseases do not have a disease-specific foundation to support or research their conditions. 

The cause, which has a personal family connection for Mr. Guez, provides funding for research, financial support to families traveling to seek treatment, advocates to generate awareness, and facility networking opportunities for medical professionals and researchers in the pursuit of a cure. Most recently, the organization provided €75,000 (approximately $89,000) to a researcher in the Netherlands who is working to identify a test and/or protocols to identify the disease. Mr. Guez serves as the communications director of the organization and also sits on the board of directors.

After learning about Mr. Guez’s volunteer efforts, the Three Village Central School District students and staff – especially those in Setauket Elementary School – worked to increase awareness for the cause. This September, after only nine school days, students and staff at Setauket generously donated approximately $3,320 for the TKO Strong Foundation. 

For more information about the organization and ways to donate, please visit, “like” TKOStrongFoundation on Facebook or view the “TKO Strong” YouTube video.

A Tasty Study

A Tasty Study photo

In honor of Johnny Appleseed’s birthday, kindergarten students in Dawn McNally’s class at W.S. Mount Elementary School took part in a number of cross-curricular learning activities this September.

In conjunction with the school’s Lucy Calkins Units of Study for writing and reading, the students created “All About Apples” books after reading a folktale about Mr. Appleseed and other non-fiction books about apples during reading workshop.

The students learned how apples grow, taste-tested four types of apples and created original pieces of art using the core of a cut apple. Additionally, tying into the math curriculum, each student voted for their favorite type of apple and collectively worked as a class to create a bar graph visually depicting the top choices. 

Minnesauke Helps to Create ‘Whirled’ Peace

Minnesauke Helps to Create ‘Whirled’ Peace photo
Minnesauke Helps to Create ‘Whirled’ Peace photo 2

In honor of the International Day of Peace, Minnesauke Elementary School students and staff created a visual display of “whirled” peace on the front lawn of the building.

Using hundreds of pinwheels the students created for last year’s Flag Day celebration, with added messages of hope and peace, art teacher Christine Sacco and student volunteers formed a peace sign and a heart shape out of the pinwheels and lined the sidewalks along the main entrance with them.

Three Village International Artists

Three Village International Artists photo

Sixteen district students recently earned high honors in the 2017 International Interdependence Hexagon Project.
The event, which is a visual arts program for students aged 4-18 worldwide, asks students to create a piece of art based on a global issue within the shape of a hexagon — a metaphor for interconnectedness. The students were asked to base their designs on the unifying theme of “Empathy: Understanding/Acting.” 

The district is proud to congratulate the following award-winning student-artists: 

Minnesauke Elementary School Winners: 
Mia Butkevich, Most Creative Expression
Michelle Cutting, 2017 Theme Award
Brynn Davenport, Most Relevant to Interdependence Theme
Gianna Hogan, Most Effective All-Over Interpretation: 2-D Mixed Media/Collage Created by One Student
Giulianna Pantaro, Honorable Mention 
April Poggi, Honorable Mention
Penelope Reynolds, 2017 Theme Award
Annabella Timpanaro, Honorable Mention

P.J. Gelinas Junior High School Winners:
Lydia Hsieh-Beatty
, 2017 Theme Award
Dylan Brand, Most Relevant to Interdependence Theme or Themes
Cherrie Lan, Honorable Mention
Natalia Newton, Most Creative Expression
Annie Ryu, Most Creative Expression
Riley Wohlars, 2017 Theme Award
Rebecca Zhang, Most Effective All-Over Interpretation: 2-D Individual Pieces
Julia Zhu, Most Creative Expression: 2-D Single Hexagons

Student’s Film to be Screened in New York City

Student’s Film to be Screened in New York City Pic
An experimental film created by Ward Melville High School junior Jamie Nagel has been selected for this year’s All American Film Festival, which will be held in New York City on Oct. 7. 

Jamie’s film, “Youth,” was based on a poem she wrote and will be screened in Times Square as part of the festival. Following the screening, Jamie will attend an awards ceremony and reception at the historic Kings Theatre in Brooklyn.

Ward Melville student filmmakers have been selected for this high honor for the past several years. Jamie created her film under the guidance of Ward Melville teacher Stephanie DiLorenzo. 
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