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Senior Earns Junior Angel Award

Senior Earns Junior Angel Award Pic
Senior Earns Junior Angel Award Pic 2
Ward Melville High School senior Madeline Mastriano was selected as the only female student recipient of the Junior Angel Award during this September’s Second Annual Angel Awards.

Madeline was honored for her efforts in co-chairing the Three Village Kids Lemonade Stand she created five years ago with her brother Joseph, a freshman at Murphy. The students helped rally their peers from throughout the district and other community members to raise $20,000 at the lemonade stand this summer. To date, the teen siblings have helped raise more than $36,000 for Stony Brook Children’s Hospital.

The Angel Awards are given to outstanding women in the community who are recognized for their charity work and who combine work, home life and volunteering. The ceremony is an opportunity to meet these incredibly talented and giving women and at the same time, be in attendance as the community thanks them for their tireless efforts on behalf of others.

Student’s Film to be Screened in New York City

Student’s Film to be Screened in New York City Pic
An experimental film created by Ward Melville High School junior Jamie Nagel has been selected for this year’s All American Film Festival, which will be held in New York City on Oct. 7. 

Jamie’s film, “Youth,” was based on a poem she wrote and will be screened in Times Square as part of the festival. Following the screening, Jamie will attend an awards ceremony and reception at the historic Kings Theatre in Brooklyn.

Ward Melville student filmmakers have been selected for this high honor for the past several years. Jamie created her film under the guidance of Ward Melville teacher Stephanie DiLorenzo. 

School Lunch/Breakfast Prices

For information about the district’s lunch program, including updated prices, please visit

Bates House Sponsored Parent/Child Drug & Alcohol Awareness Program – Sept 24


Welcome Back!

Welcome Back! photo

The district proudly welcomed students back for the first day of school on Sept. 5. Below are some photos from throughout the morning.

Superintendent’s Welcome Back Message

Dear Residents, 

On behalf of my colleagues and the members of the Board of Education, I am proud to welcome you to the 2017-18 school year. I hope that your summer was relaxing and filled with rewarding adventures. 

Whether this is your child’s first year in our school district or their last before graduation, I am confident that this year will bring the promise of infinite possibilities and a myriad of opportunities to explore innovative ideas and pursue passions. Each of our students brings a special talent, gift or skill to our school district and I hope that each finds inspiration in the classroom and through co-curricular programs to reach their goals and dreams. Just as I encouraged our staff during this year’s Superintendent’s Conference Day, I remind all of our students that nothing will ever be gained from sitting back. Therefore, I encourage you to jump in and try something new. If you fall, we will catch you and your efforts will not be viewed as failures, but as incremental steps toward success. 

As a school district, our teachers and administrators are also always looking for ways to inspire our students. Through such initiatives as our new Pre-K program at Nassakeag Elementary School, expanded music and educational offerings at the secondary level and the provision for a 1:1 device initiative in grades 7-9, we hope to provide students with the foundation needed for future success and personal drive. 

If you have not already done so, I encourage you to visit our schools’ webpages and electronic calendar tab. Both resources contain a wealth of information on our programs and ways to enhance the home-to-school connection. 

The partnership we share with the all our stakeholders is integral to the quality education provided to our students. I extend my best wishes for a great school year and thank you for your continued support.

Cheryl Pedisich 
Superintendent of Schools 


News 12 Varsity Highlights Journey of WMHS Football Player

Credit: News 12 Varsity

Happenings in the Tech Department

Happenings in the Tech Department Photo
Happenings in the Tech Department Photo 2
Happenings in the Tech Department Photo 3
Happenings in the Tech Department Photo 4
Happenings in the Tech Department Photo 5
Throughout the year, students enrolled in the technology classes at P.J. Gelinas Junior High School engage in hands-on learning that develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Below are a few highlights from the 2016-17 school year.

The students in Dean Kostis’ ninth-grade Computer Design class created 3-D structures as part of the course’s pre-engineering unit, which was designed to help them understand concepts such as tension, compression, shearing and torsion. Along with exploring the history of bridge designs, the unit examined different design and construction techniques. For example, they studied the design of a truss, the strongest geometric shape, to understand the science behind its strength and why it is seen in so many forms in everyday life. 

Students used West Point Bridge Designer to create and force test designs before choosing one to construct. One very successful structure was designed and built by Victoria Grosskopf and Mike Marchese. Weighing only 24.3 grams (about one-twentieth of a pound), the structure was able to hold 31,780 grams – just over 70 pounds, or 1,370 times its own weight. This would be akin to a 100-pound person holding 137,000 pounds. 

Students also used the free design program SketchUp to create 3-D models of homes before exporting them to the department’s MakerBot 3-D printers.

This past year, the department began to incorporate robotics into the curriculum, as well. Students coded virtual robots to navigate either an island or an underwater course and achieve objectives. In one entertaining lesson, they learned how to break down solutions into linear steps by coding for RobotC.

Each of the topics discussed through the technology education program induces logic, abstract thought, understanding, self-awareness, communication, memory and problem-solving. The course of study allows students to experiment with concepts across the disciplines of STEAM – science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics – concurrently. 

New year, new schools

New year, new schools photo

As summer vacation drew to a close, the district’s incoming seventh- and 10th-grade students learned about their new schools during orientation programs held at Ward Melville High School and R.C. Murphy and P.J. Gelinas junior high schools.

Members of each school’s administration were on hand to answer the incoming students’ questions and help them navigate the building. In addition, upperclassman volunteers were available to help their younger peers locate classrooms and open lockers for the first time. 

Vetting of Mailed/Electronic Communication

In an effort to further protect the health and safety of our students and staff members, and as part of our continued endeavor to review and update our District Emergency Management Plan, the Three Village Central School District hereby notifies all residents and outside individuals that it will no longer accept letters, packages or electronic communications without a return address or proper identification of the sender. Any items mailed to the district without a return address will be rejected upon receipt, and the district reserves the right to trace the source of anonymous messages sent electronically. Please be advised that this addendum to the District’s Emergency Plan is effective immediately.

Public Notice: September Board of Education Meetings


A Worthy Cause with a Hometown Connection

Help us support Minnesauke fifth-grader Grace Pantano and so many others by contributing to this cause. The Long Island Brain Tumor Walk is an event to raise awareness and much-needed resources to fund critical brain tumor-specific programs to improve the lives of all those affected by brain tumors. Grace’s community swim team organized sponsorship to support Grace and her family.

Summer Learning Students Enjoy Complimentary Concert

Complimentary Concert Pic
Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, the students attending this year’s Three Village Extended School Year program had the chance to sing along to a free concert by renowned performer Laurie Berkner of the Laurie Berkner Band.

Berkner has released 11 best-selling, award-winning albums and has been featured both in person and through animation on TV stations Nick Jr. and Sprout TV, among others. She also wrote the music and lyrics for three off-Broadway children’s musicals and has authored an number of children’s books.

Patriots Honored by Legislator

Patriots Honored by Legislator Photo
The state-championship Ward Melville High School Boys Lacrosse team was recently commended and honored for their outstanding season and presented with a proclamation by Suffolk County Legislator and Ward Melville graduate Kara Hahn.

Student Affects Positive Change Statewide

Student Affects Positive Change Statewide Photo
The Three Village Central School District proudly commends Ward Melville High School incoming junior Ben Catalfo for his tenacity and unparalleled advocacy for all students in New York State, as his efforts have resulted in the state agreeing to discount a flawed question on this year’s Geometry Regents. Ben, a mathematically talented scholar, uncovered that the response choices for question 24 of this year’s exam did not contain a correct answer and that students were being penalized as a result. After consultation with P.J. Gelinas Junior High School Principal and former Ward Melville High School math chairperson William Bernhard, and with the support of math experts from around the country, Ben advocated on behalf of those students who took this exam and were unjustly scored as a result of this flawed question.

On Tuesday, July 25, the district was notified that the State Education Department has recanted their previous decision to uphold the original scores and that this question would now be rescored to give all students credit. This decision is one that we are exceptionally proud of and believe that Ben’s efforts will positively impact many students throughout New York State.

Newsday Coverage on Ben:

Summer 2017 Newsletter Now Available


WMHS Student Finds Error on Geometry Regents

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