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Erosion Lab at Mount

Students during the erosion lab. thumbnail255472
Students during the erosion lab. thumbnail255473
Students during the erosion lab. thumbnail255474
Students during the erosion lab. thumbnail255475
Students during the erosion lab. thumbnail255476
Students during the erosion lab. thumbnail255477
Second graders at W.S. Mount Elementary School made hypotheses and investigated the causes of canyons during a hands-on science lab. Students created model landforms using cornmeal. They dripped water over this land to observe how water can change its shape and to understand how, over long periods of time, canyons can be formed through a similar process.

Date Added: 2/23/2024

Stepping on Stage for ‘Frozen’

Students performing on stage. thumbnail255410
W.S. Mount Elementary School fifth and sixth graders stepped on stage to perform the familiar story of “Frozen.” The audience was taken to the land of Arendelle where they followed the journey of Elsa and Anna, while meeting friends like Olaf along the way. Students performed many of the songs from the animated film. Their skills impressed the audience over the course of several live performances. Bravo!

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Date Added: 2/21/2024

Junior High Schools Place in Science Olympiad Invitational

Gelianas and Murphy junior high school students. thumbnail255368
Gelinas junior high school students. thumbnail255369
Murphy junior high school students. thumbnail255370

Teams from both Gelinas and Murphy junior high schools competed and placed at the Science Olympiad at Cornell invitational. Overall, the team from Gelinas came in fourth place and Murphy took fifth place.

Students competed in several events in all disciplines of science. Science Olympiad at Cornell is an organization at the university where undergraduate students dedicate time to improve and expand the experience of middle and high school students in Science Olympiad, while also organizing an annual invitational.

Date Added: 2/20/2024

P.S. I Love You Day at WMHS

Group picture of staff members dressed in purple. thumbnail255340
Ward Melville High School celebrated P.S. I Love You Day on Feb. 9. Please see the photos and video linked below for a recap of the day!

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Date Added: 2/20/2024

Fifth Graders Turn Environmental Engineers

students thumbnail255267

Fifth graders at Arrowhead Elementary School turned environmental engineers during a recent science lab with Ms. Lukralle. Students learned about how people can protect earth’s systems and were tasked with building their own water filters.

Students were given several materials to design a filter including a sponge, cotton balls, gravel, rocks, sand and a coffee filter. They examined the materials and noted the properties of each before drawing a diagram of what their filter would look like. Next, they constructed their filters inside of a plastic water bottle.

The fifth graders put their filters to the test by mixing soil and water together, then pouring them over their filtration systems. For many students, cleaner water dripped into a cup underneath, showing the effectiveness of their filters. The classes made observations and held discussions about what aspects of the designs were successful and what were not.

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Date Added: 2/16/2024