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Virtual Food Drive!

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Food Pantry

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The district-operated Food Pantry is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 2:00pm and is located at North Country Administrative Center (one the Northside of the building). It is run by appointment only. Please call 631-730-4010 to schedule a visit.

Thank you to all that are helping. Anyone interested in donating, please know we are currently accepting donations and gift cards.


Only those parents that received a confirmation e-mail are eligible for the daycare program on Monday. Please do not show up on Monday if you have not received this email. 

COVID-19 Information & Resources

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Video Message from the Superintendent

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NYS Office of Child and Family Services TVCSD Emergency 
Reservation Form for Child Care Services

For Emergency Responders and Essential Services Providers

**Both of these forms are Mandatory!!**

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Emergency Child Care


NYS Office of Child and Family Services TVCSD Emergency
Reservation Form for Child Care Services

For Emergency Responders and Essential Services Providers

**Both of these forms are Mandatory!!**

Click here for the online District survey

Click here for required NYS form


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NYS Office of Child and Family Services TVCSD Emergency 
Reservation Form for Child Care Services

For Emergency Responders and Essential Services Providers

**Both of these forms are Mandatory!!**

Click here for the online District survey

Click here for required NYS form

Altice (Optimum) Brings Free Broadband to K-12 and College Students During Pandemic

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Altice USA Brings Free Broadband to K-12 and College Students During Coronavirus Pandemic

Three Village Community Swim Cancelled Through April 15








Celebrating Culture and Languages

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P.J. Gelinas and R.C. Murphy junior high schools celebrated World Language Week this January through a series of hands-on and interactive activities.

Students at both buildings took part in trivia, commercial and poster contests, and were audibly transported to foreign lands as they listened to the French, Italian and Spanish music played over the loudspeakers during passing time. Traveling exhibits showcasing artwork made by Michelangelo, Monet and Picasso was displayed in both buildings. Also, more than 400 attended this year’s joint Gelinas/Murphy International Night, which included authentic dishes and musical performances. 

In addition to the in-school activities, representatives from the two junior high schools visited district elementary schools to teach mini-lessons to the buildings’ sixth graders. The lessons helped to introduce the elementary students to the languages they will have the chance to study next year.  

Supporting Australia

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Minnesauke Elementary School students worked to bridge the distance between East Setauket and Australia this winter as they conducted several community service projects to aid the country deeply affected by the harsh wildfires. 

Third graders worked to help the Australian animals by participating in a charity readathon. Receiving pledges from family and friends, the students cuddled up with their pets or stuffed animals, pretending they were an Australian animal, and read to raise money. Collectively, the grade level raised $1,662.45. 

In a project dubbed “Operation Hope for Australia,” fifth graders in Kate Hunter’s class completed extra chores around their houses to raise funds for a startup action plan. The students used the collected funds to purchase supplies to make friendship bracelets in red, white and blue – the national colors of both the United States and Australia. 

Each bracelet included a 3D-printed charm, designed and printed using the Tinkercad software in the school’s STEM lab with the help of teacher Sean Dowling. Ms. Hunter’s class marketed the bracelets in the cafeteria and sold them to friends and teachers. The class collected more than $1,159 for the Australian Red Cross, which they sent overseas along with several of the completed bracelets to show their support. 

Brushing Up on Dental Hygiene

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In honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month, Arrowhead Elementary School prekindergarten classes brushed up on proper dental hygiene techniques with the help of a visiting hygienist from Kiddsmiles Pediatric Dentistry. 

During the workshop, the students discussed the importance of steering clear of sugary drinks and candy, as well as ensuring that individuals brush for two minutes, two times a day and floss regularly. Tammy, the hygienist, also used an oversized puppet to further demonstrate the technique as well as demonstrate what a traditional visit to the dentist includes. 

2020 Census Information


Honoring Literary Scholars

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Five junior high school students from the Three Village Central School District were celebrated for their outstanding writing skills this winter as they were named Scholastic Writing Regional Award winners in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards contest sponsored by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. 

This year’s honorees include R.C. Murphy Junior High School students: 

Melody Wang – Gold Key for Poetry: “Your Marionette”
Charley Du – Silver Key for Flash Fiction: “A Body Named Martin”
Sammi Feil – Silver Key for Flash Fiction: “1 Prisoner”
Ava Tam – Honorable Mention for Personal Essay and Memoir: “A Musical Realization”

As well as P.J. Gelinas Junior High School ninth grader: 

Ava Della Pietra – Gold Key for her Personal Essay and Memoir: “Then and Now”

As Gold Key winners, Melody and Ava will now advance to the national competition, where their original works will be judged based on three criteria: originality, technical skill and emergence of a personal vision or voice. National awards will be announced in March. 

Since 1923 the Scholastic Awards have recognized some of America’s most celebrated artists when they were teenagers. Past honorees include Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oats, Andy Warhol and Charles White. 


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Nassakeag Elementary School’s Wellness Club has been focused on learning techniques for staying free from stress and strategies for leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Most recently, the club made “breathing buddies” and visited younger classmates to read picture books about handing stress. After the readings they shared the “buddies” they created and participated in a yoga session.  

Teens Train in Lifesaving Techniques

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In accordance with Three Village’s proactive approach to safety and security, Ward Melville High School students recently took part in a Department of Homeland Security program called Stop the Bleed. District staff members have been trained in this lifesaving program over the past few years, and Ward Melville became the first high school in New York State to train all students this February. 

Through the program, which included curricula adjusted by the district physical education and health staff, students learned and practiced lifesaving techniques and strategies to enhance an individual’s survival if severely injured. 

Members of the security team assisted in the hands-on training portion of the program. This included how to properly apply tourniquets as well as dress and pack a wound. Throughout the workshop, the presenters stressed the importance of acting quickly during an emergency and how to secure a situation until trained medical responders arrive. 

Ward Melville Teacher Presents Nationally

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Ward Melville High School world languages teacher Melissa Quiros recently lent her expertise and shared best practices during the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages’ 2019 Annual Convention and World Languages Expo conference in Washington, D.C., where she delivered a presentation entitled “The Global Classroom: Intercultural Communication Through Cinema.”

The presentation supported the council’s initiative of focusing on cultural competency versus language proficiency in the instruction of world languages. She demonstrated how using film/cinema in the classroom can achieve cultural competency and highlighted the Plural+ youth video organization as a source to obtain materials for classroom instruction. Plural+ is a joint venture of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the International Organization for Migration.

In preparation for her presentation, she introduced her students to Plural+ which resulted in the creation of the video “Acceptance Has No Language.” This video, relating to social awareness and diversity, was produced in its entirety by students in Ward Melville’s French Honor Society. It is currently in the final editing stage and will be submitted to Plural+ at the end of the school year.

Ms. Quiros has been a member of American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages for the past five years and serves as secretary of the Cinema Special Interest Group. She believes the annual conference is important for professional growth as it allows the sharing of ideas and resources for teachers and increases their knowledge and awareness of national standards.

VIDEO: Chopped Art

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Spreading Kindness

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Nassakeag Elementary School students worked to spread kindness, compassion and smiles this February through a series of activities and events. 

The Student Council organized a fundraiser sale of colorful and sweet Valentine’s Day treats to help raise funds to purchase a new adjustable basketball hoop for the school playground. The creations were sold during lunch times, and each donation will be helpful in reaching the council’s goal. 

Additionally, the students created surprise personalized paper heart valentines for each student, faculty and staff member at the school. The creations were put on display throughout the hallways in the school.   

In what has become a tradition at the school, second grade classes and their older class buddies created Valentine’s Day boxes filled with treats and toiletries for the INN soup kitchen. The classes made approximately 85 boxes. The students involved were from the following classes: Mrs. Cominsky, Miss Lange, Mrs. Sperry, Mr. Stecker, Ms. Larsen, and Mr. Whitehead.  


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