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Town of Brookhaven Youth Bureau FREE Drug Education, Awareness, and Prevention Workshops

March 21, 2018 at the South Country Library- In SPANISH ONLY
March 27, 2018 at Brookhaven Town Hall, Farmingville- In ENGLISH ONLY

Please see the attached flyers for more information.


Keri LoGiudice Fundraiser – March 21

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Town of Brookhaven War on Addiction Rally – April 21

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Expanded Social Studies Lessons

Expanded Social Studies Lessons photo
In a cross-school learning experience, Minnesauke Elementary School sixth-grade students in Patricia Woods’ class attended a special workshop presentation with Allison Kane, a social studies teacher at Ward Melville High School. 

Expanding the students’ study on China’s history and political policy, Ms. Kane spoke in detail on the one-child policy that previously existed in the People’s Republic of China. The topic was connected to the class’s current read aloud of the book, “Among the Hidden.” Throughout the workshop the students had the opportunity to ask Ms. Kane questions about the book and the policy itself.

Honors for Three Village Writers

Honors for Three Village Writers photo
A record number of Three Village Central School District students have been recognized by the Scholastic Writing Awards Program and earned top honors in the competition.

This program, with alumni like Truman Capote, Steven King and Joyce Carol Oates,  identifies teenagers with exceptional literary talent and brings their remarkable work to a national audience. Only the top 2-15 percent of the 250,000 entries are recognized. 

The Gold Key regional winners will now go on to the national competition. National medalists will be announced in March.
R.C. Murphy Junior High School Honorees:

Shahzadi Adeena, Gold Key – Poetry: “A Spectrum of Blue”
Rebecca Blumenthal, Gold Key – Poetry: “Maya Angelou: A Caged Bird Set Free”
Alana John, Gold Key – Poetry: “Words of the Refuse”
Sofia Mulligan, Gold Key – Short Story: “Der Alpen”
Claire Yang, Gold Key – Flash Fiction: “Peach”

Claire Yang, Silver Key – Poetry: “Grass Stains” and “Dark Thoughts”
Claire Yang, Silver Key – Short Story: “Splinters”
Lillian Zhi, Silver Key – Flash Fiction: “Scarred”

Rebecca Blumenthal, Honorable Mention – Science Fiction and Fantasy: “One Percent”
Matthew Chen, Honorable Mention – Poetry: “A Midnight Occurrence”
Carolyn Liu, Honorable Mention – Poetry: “Dreams”
Shahzadi Adeena, Honorable Mention – Poetry: “A Theft of Stature,” “To Those Who Swim With Their Eyes Closed,” “A Translucent Thought,” and “The Ambiguous Thief”

P.J. Gelinas Junior High School Honorees:

Peter Sloniewsky – Silver Key: Short Story “Slacker”
Jacqueline Wu – Silver Key: Poetry “Winter” and Short Story “Family Feud”

Ward Melville High School Honorees:
Meredith Bushman, Silver Key – Flash Fiction: “Sister”
Rebecca Holt, Honorable Mention – Short Story: “The Lethality of Routine”
Emily Huang, Honorable Mention – Poetry: “Ante Meridiem”
Jonathan Huang, Honorable Mention – Poetry: “Election Invocation”
Noor Kamal, Silver Key – Flash Fiction: “What Ali Carries”
Niki Nassiri, Honorable Mention – Critical Essay: “Iran and Us”; Honorable Mention – Writing Portfolio: “Definition of Me” and Silver Key – Personal Essay and Memoir: “Writer’s Reality”
Jeanette Orlando, Gold Key – Flash Fiction: “Oliver”; Honorable Mention – Personal Essay and Memoir: “The Inn” and Honorable Mention – Short Story: “Summit with a Stranger”
Arianna Parkhideh, Gold Key – Poetry: “Poets” and Gold Key – Poetry: “Museum”
Anushka Rajagopalan, Honorable Mention – Short Story: “Lost on a Straight Path”
Odeya Rosenband, Gold Key – Personal Essay and Memoir: “Ovaries and Gasoline”
Andi Sauer, Gold Key – Flash Fiction: “Dad”; Honorable Mention – Short Story “Cigarettes”; Honorable Mention – Writing Portfolio: “Words, or a Lack Thereof”
Janet Song, Gold Key – Personal Essay and Memoir: “Page 194”; Honorable Mention – Flash Fiction: “Lie”; Honorable Mention – Humor: “Bull”; Silver Key – Personal Essay and Memoir: “Wedding Cake”
Sofia Stremlin-Adams, Honorable Mention – Poetry: “To Fare Tim”
Elizabeth Wang, Gold Key – Poetry: “Las Estaciones”; Silver Key – Poetry: “All is Fine”
Amy Xie, Silver Key – Personal Essay and Memoir: “As the Desert Cries”
Katie Zhao, Gold Key – Poetry: “The Children I Know”; Gold Key – Short Story: “Miracle”; Silver Key – Flash Fiction: “Right” 
Alana Abesamis, Silver Key: “Self Portrait”
Giorgio Citarella, Gold Key: “Breathless Film”
Komal Grewal, Gold Key: “Mason Jar”; Gold Key: “Colored Still Life”; Honorable Mention: “Colored Still Life”; Honorable Mention: “Self Portrait”; Honorable Mention: “Wedding Dress”
Cortney Heaney, Gold Key: “Water Refraction”; Silver Key: “Double Exposure”
Astrid Vardanyan, Gold Key: “Morning Routine”; Honorable Mention: “Girl Tying Shoe”
Ally Wertheim, Silver Key: “Typography”
Cleo Watson
, Silver Key: “Growth Digital Piece”; Silver Key: “Dead End” 

Seniors Named Finalists for National Scholarships

Seniors Named Finalists for National Scholarships photo
Seven Ward Melville High School seniors have been named finalists in the 2018 National Merit Scholarship Program. 

These academically talented seniors will have the opportunity to continue in the competition for some 7,500 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $32 million. 

Congratulations to the following students: Kathleen Esfahany, Thomas Howell, Emily Huang, Ethan Li, Michael Lu, Samuel Tan and Leon Zhao.

Service Learning at Minnesauke

Service Learning at Minnesauke photo
Minnesauke Elementary School students and staff are regularly committed to engaging in initiatives geared toward giving back to their community. 

Most recently, second-graders in Maria-Elena Mazza’s class teamed up with the sixth-graders in Melissa Flanagan’s class to create gift bags for Save a Pet. As part of the initiative, the students created thank-you notes to those adopting pets and collected many donations for the organization. 

Gelinas Wins Sci-O Invitational

Gelinas Wins Sci-O Invitational photo

Paul J. Gelinas Junior High School’s Science Olympiad team earned a first-place win at the Cornell University Invitational this winter.

During the event, the students competed against several nationally ranked teams, including Piedmont, North Carolina, and the team’s friendly rivals from Eagle Hill, New York. Gelinas students scored one of the best team totals in tournament history. The B-team also performed well, beating most other A-teams. Likewise, the C-team had an impressive performance at the competition.

The Gelinas Science Olympiad team is extremely grateful for those whose support made this program and its success possible, including school and district administrators, coaches, parents, volunteers and program alumni who have helped the students in their scientific pursuits. The team looks forward to continued success at the regional and state tournaments.  

Top Speller Repeats National Performance

Top Speller Repeats National Performance photo
P.J. Gelinas Junior High School eighth-grader Ryan Himmelsbach has qualified to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee for the second consecutive year after correctly spelling the word “teleost.” 

“I am really excited about returning to the national bee,” Ryan said. “Since last year I have been practicing and studying words, their origins and definitions in the hope of improving and advancing further than last time.” 

“Paul J. Gelinas JHS is very proud of Ryan,” English Department Chairperson Joanna Cadolino said. “It is quite an accomplishment to win the regional spelling bee two years in a row, and Ryan now marks our fourth regional winner that will go on to compete in the national competition. As a school we look forward to supporting Ryan throughout his journey to the national competition.” 

Gelinas will have the Scripps National Spelling Bee streaming live from ESPN in the school when Ryan competes this May. 

District Spotlighted on Fox 5 News for Proactive Training Efforts

Click below for a link to the broadcast 

Engineering Designs at Arrowhead

Engineering Designs at Arrowhead photo

Arrowhead Elementary School kindergarten students in Jennifer Giambalvo’s class became engineers as they participated in a STEM activity based on the story of the Three Little Pigs.

After reading the classic tale, the students designed and constructed prototypes of a sturdy house for the main characters. They used a variety of materials and imaginative ideas to create their designs. 

Spreading Kindness and Positivity

Spreading Kindness and Positivity photo

Minnesauke Elementary School sixth-grade students worked to spread kindness and positivity throughout the school and community this February as they participated in an initiative called P.S. I Love You.

The students created purple carnation flowers out of tissue paper, which they sold during lunch periods to benefit the charity associated with the cause. Additionally, each student at the school received a flower as a sign that they will do their part to cultivate a school environment where acceptance and kindness abound.

Town Parent Workshop Series


Public Notice: March Board of Education Meetings


PJ Gelinas Presents "Kiss Me Kate" - March 21-24, 2018

PJ Gelinas Presents "Kiss Me Kate" on March 21 through March 24, 2018. Call 631-730-4579 or visit for tickets and information.

Kiss Me Kate flyer

RC Murphy Presents "Beauty and the Beast" on March 20-24, 2018

RC Murphy Presents "Beauty and the Beast" on March 20 through 24, 2018. Please call 631-730-4831 for ticket and show information.


Celebrating Languages

Celebrating Languages photo

R.C. Murphy and P.J. Gelinas junior high schools celebrated Foreign Language Week this winter with fun activities in and out of the classroom.

French, Italian and Spanish music was played in between class periods, a travel exhibit of da Vinci, Gaudí and Monet was displayed in the foreign language wing, and students competed in a trivia contest and commercial contest. Additionally, students were assigned the task of creating a video commercial highlighting why someone should choose to study either French, Italian or Spanish. 

The winners of both contests were announced at the culminating event, International Night, which was attended by more than 350 students. Attendees enjoyed the entertainment of cultural dance and song from Spain, Ireland, Italy and France, while eating authentic dishes from the same countries. 

The Search for the Oldest Penny

The Search for the Oldest Penny photo
In celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s 209th birthday and in conjunction with an initiative spearheaded by the local Gold Coast Bank branch, Three Village Central School District students are working to find the oldest Lincoln penny in the community. 

The program was unveiled at Arrowhead Elementary School this February during the building’s spirit week. Members of the school’s student council met with bank representatives to learn about the program and the importance of establishing a pattern of saving. As a visual reminder of the meeting, each student was presented with a blue plastic piggybank and a shinny new penny. 

The bank made a donation to the school’s PTA as part of the challenge, and the student who finds the oldest penny over the next month will earn a separate prize. 

Pre-K Lottery Application Now Availble


Nassakeag Donations Warm Hearts

Nassakeag Donations Warm Hearts photo
Four classes from Nassakeag Elementary School teamed up this winter to bring smiles to those who visit the Interfaith Nutrition Network by creating more than 100 Valentine’s Day gift boxes.

For the initiative, the students gathered shoeboxes and earned monetary donations by completing chores at home. The funds were used to purchase various sundries for both adults and children assisted by the INN. The Nassakeag students decorated and filled the shoeboxes with those items, preparing them for delivery right before the holiday. 

In addition to the community service aspect of the project, teachers also tied the effort into the social studies curriculum, as they discussed community with regard to wants and needs. 

This effort has been coordinated by Judy Larsen and Joan Sperry for the past several years.

Three Village Robotics Team Showcased on Air

WMHS Robotics Team Interviewed on LI News Radio image

Click the links below to listen to a recent Spotlight on LI Schools segment that aired on LI News Radio. The interview featured the Ward Melville High School Robotics team.

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

Skating to Gold

Skating to Gold photo
Nassakeag Elementary School fourth-grader Michaela Cassara is not only striving for success within the classroom, but in the world of figure staking. 

This February, Michaela skated to the top in her age group and captured a gold medal for the third straight year at the Empire State Winter Games in Lake Placid, New York. She now qualifies for the State Games of America in 2019, to be held in Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Summer Recreation Registration is Now Open!

Click here to view the Recreation Programs page

Minnesauke Teacher Pens Article, Shares Professional Creativity

Minnesauke Teacher Pens Article, Shares Professional Creativity photo
Minnesauke Elementary School art teacher Christine Sacco’s passion for inspiring students’ creativity extends beyond the walls of the classroom and is serving as inspiration for her colleagues nationwide, thanks to an article she penned for the February issue of SchoolArts Magazine. 

The article focuses on Ms. Sacco’s creative “Chopped Art” project that she introduced last school year. Inspired by the hit television show “Chopped,” the project is competitive and calls for students to create a piece of art based on a central theme using only the materials in a given concealed box.
The publication is a national magazine for teaching professionals to share best practices, inspire colleagues and provide an outlet for creative expression.
An electronic copy of Ms. Sacco’s article can be viewed on page 11 here: 

Ward Melville HS Science Olympiad Earns Bid to States

Ward Melville HS Science Olympiad Earns Bid to States photo
Ward Melville High School Science Olympiad team recently captured first place at the Long Island Regional Science Olympiad Tournament and has now qualified to compete in the New York State Science Olympiad Tournament in March. 

During the regional contest, held at Ward Melville High School, over 700 students from throughout the area showcased their scientific knowledge in a series of events. These included such topics as astronomy, chemistry, and rocks and minerals, among many others. 

“Science Olympiad is a great opportunity for students to collaboratively work together to brainstorm, problem solve, and construct things to achieve a defined goal,” said Principal Dr. Alan Baum. “I am thrilled that we are fortunate to have a thriving Science Olympiad program at Ward Melville. It is so rewarding for me to see our students in action.”

Ward Melville’s team is advised by teachers Jenny Serigano and Mark Suesser.

Honoring All-State Musicians

Honoring All-State Musicians photo
During its early February Board of Education meeting, the Three Village Central School District commended the Ward Melville High School student-musicians who were selected to perform at this year’s All-State Music Festival. Each student was presented with a certificate of recognition and received praise from all in attendance. 

Olympics Kick Off at Mount

Olympics Kick Off at Mount photo

On the brink of the 2018 Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, W.S. Mount Elementary fifth- and sixth-graders teamed up to compete in their own games and go head to head to complete eight different STEM-based learning challenges.

During the school’s first STEM Olympics, students participated in several activities including designing and building load-bearing towers to suspend containers using a limited number of materials; creating foil boats to hold the greatest number of bears without sinking; and constructing a skier out of aluminum foil with Popsicle skis in order to “ski” down a mountain the fastest. 

Additionally, they made pom-pom blasters to launch pom-poms a distance of at least 2 feet, constructed ramp systems to launch a marble skier the fastest, build towers measuring at least 24 inches tall using only 100 index cards and 12 inches of tape, programmed miniature robots, and formed origami frogs using different types and sizes of paper and tested to see which jumps the furthest.

The games concluded with a closing ceremony, during which the top three teams with the highest success rate in each given event were honored.

A Soup-er Challenge Is a Win for All

A Soup-er Challenge Is a Win for All photo
A Soup-er Challenge Is a Win for All photo 2
W.S. Mount and Minnesauke elementary school students teamed up this February to participate in a Super Bowl-themed community service project – a canned soup drive to help children in need.  

Guided by the collective desire to help those in need, the two schools engaged in a friendly competition to see which building could collect the most number of donations. After the weeklong drive, the schools collected 2,137 cans for Blessings in a Backpack – a national organization that donates meals for students who would have otherwise gone hungry to enjoy on the weekend. 

While W.S. Mount collected the higher number of cans for the contest, both schools agreed that the real winner were the students that would benefit from the collective generosity. 

Teaming Up for World Read Aloud Day

Teaming Up for World Read Aloud Day photo
Teaming Up for World Read Aloud Day photo 2
Teaming Up for World Read Aloud Day photo 3
Nassakeag Elementary School fourth-grade students from Ashley Donato’s class helped to share their enthusiasm for literacy with the pre-kindergarten students in Caroline Costanza’s class this February. 

In honor of World Read Aloud Day, the older students read some of their favorite stories to their younger buddies and collectively enjoyed an enriched literacy experience. 

Ward Melville’s Winning Writer

Ward Melville’s Winning Writer photo
Ward Melville High School student Faima Quadir was named a second-place winner in Hofstra University’s Celebration of Suburban Diversity essay contest.
The content, creativity and organization of Faima’s essay demonstrated her knowledge and keen interpretation of diversity issues facing Long Island for future generations. In addition to her monetary prize, Faima attended a Celebration of Suburban Diversity Banquet at the Crest Hollow Country Club. 

Runners Named Long Island Champions

Runners Named Long Island Champions photo
Ward Melville High School seniors Allyson Gaedje, Samantha Rutt, and Samantha Sturgess, and sophomore Elizabeth Radke were named Long Island champions during this year’s Millrose Winter Games at the Armory Track. 

During the early February event, the students ran the 4x400 meter relay with a time of 3:57.84. With this remarkable time, the group’s best time to date, they now hold the third-quickest time in New York. 

The students qualified for the competition, the longest-running indoor track and field competition in the world, during a trial event on Jan. 10. 

Creating Winter Memories

Creating Winter Memories photo

Arrowhead Elementary School students in Renee Rust’s class have been exploring winter themes throughout the month of January, discussing such things as snow and how to dress for the winter.

As part of this lesson, the students worked collaboratively to construct a beautiful snowman for the school’s main lobby using a plethora of recycled and reused materials.

From using different-sized balloons to make the head, belly and bottom of the snowman to using paper towels, glue and water to make the papier-mâché mixture, the students’ creation quickly took shape. Once constructed, the class painted the snowman and added different embellishments to complete the display, including using coffee filters to create snowflakes and bedazzled buttons for eyes, and added a hat.

The students further studied the topic by reading several stories, including “How’s the Weather?” “I Love Snow!” and “The Mitten.”

Tasting New Books at RCM

Tasting New Books at RCM photo

R.C. Murphy Junior High School seventh-grade students in Michelle Hanczor’s honors English classes had the chance to sample a few classic stories during a “Book Tasting” initiative in the school’s library.

During their class time, the students had several minutes to preview five different books and complete a “tasting menu” with their initial reactions of the piece. The stories they previewed included Celia Rees’ “Witch Child,” John Steinbeck’s “The Red Pony,” Cameron Stracher’s “Water Wars,” Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and Paul Zindel’s “The Pigman.” In the menus, the students shared what they thought of the book and how the author worked to hook readers from the start before giving the piece a ranking from 1 to 5. 

In the coming weeks, Ms. Hanczor will be creating literature circles based on the students’ expressed interest in the previewed books, and those groups will work on an interdisciplinary project to create a book trailer for their chosen story. 

Murphy’s Wellness Series

Murphy’s Wellness Series photo

R.C. Murphy Junior High School’s PBIS committee once again created a winter wellness series for teachers to provide valuable tools on stress relief, exercise and overall well-being. The activities were offered by mostly outside professionals during the teachers’ lunch periods and included such concepts as the practice of essential oils, guided meditation and re-energizing workouts.

This is the second year the committee has created this initiative. It is the goal that teachers will utilize the skills and techniques learned not only in their personal lives but also share them, as appropriate, with their classes. 

Dancing at Mount

Dancing at Mount pic

Man’s Best Friend Pays a Visit

Man’s Best Friend Pays a Visit photo
Man’s Best Friend Pays a Visit photo 2
Man’s Best Friend Pays a Visit photo 3
Man’s Best Friend Pays a Visit photo 4
Ward Melville High School students and staff had the chance to learn about the work of therapy dogs during a recent visit from representatives at Love on a Leash. 

Dozens of friendly pups visited the school during this January’s midterm exam week to help provide de-stressing opportunities during an often-busy time period at the school. Students and staff were able to visit with the dogs during free time over the course of two days. 

The dogs, which are part of the Long Island Canine Class, work to provide pet-assisted therapy for local facilities and organizations.  

Culinary Demonstration Leads to Collegiate Overview

Culinary Demonstration Leads to Collegiate Overview photo
Culinary Demonstration Leads to Collegiate Overview photo 2
Culinary Demonstration Leads to Collegiate Overview photo 3
Ward Melville High School students enrolled in the gourmet foods course had the chance to learn about the offerings at Johnson & Wales University during a recent in-school workshop with Chef Jacob Rosen, a current student at the university. 

During the workshop, the chef discussed what the college can offer and also demonstrated some of the culinary skills that can be learned while attending. With four different campuses to choose from and majors that range from hospitality management to fashion and criminal justice, there are many opportunities at the university. Chef Rosen made a delicious pickle egg roll with a sriracha aioli and discussed how to produce an emulsion as well as tips for frying. 

Spreading a Love of Robotics

Spreading a Love of Robotics photo
Spreading a Love of Robotics photo 2
To help share their enthusiasm for the topic, seven members of Ward Melville High School’s robotics team, the Iron Patriots, recently held its first two-hour Introduction to Programming class for elementary through high school students at the Emma S. Clark Library. 

The evening started with the students operating the VEX robots using remote controls, trying to navigate a simple course. Once this was mastered, the next task was to use the arm/claw mechanism to pick up and deliver various foam blocks to different points on the game table. At this point the remote controls were taken away and the goal was to repeat the course in autonomous mode. 

Autonomous operation requires that code be written using a variation of C++ that would enable the robot to travel the distance of the track in a sequence of “basketball drills,” crossing one line then traveling back to the start, turn around, then travel to a line further down the table. Students were given instructions on how to write code and then the code was downloaded onto the robots and tested. After each section of code was proven to work correctly additional code was added until the course was completed.  

The evening was a tremendous success, as all the students had a great time learning and sharing their enthusiasm for robotics. The Iron Patriots are building its 2018 robot and are eagerly awaiting the completion in April. 

Creative Messages Against Bullying

Creative Messages Against Bullying photo
W.S. Mount Elementary School third-grade student Molly Singer has been named an Honorable Mention honoree in the 2017 Safe Fleet United Against Bullying Grant contest. 

As part of the contest, Molly created a colorful poster showcasing her support for anti-bullying initiatives at her school, in the community and beyond. For her colorful and creative piece, Molly was awarded a $100 grant to be used for initiatives at her school. 

A Night of Family Fun at Minnesauke

A Night of Family Fun at Minnesauke photo

Minnesauke Elementary School students and staff gathered together this winter for an enjoyable Family Fun Night organized by the Physical Education Department, with the assistance of student, parent and teacher volunteers.

During the event, attendees took part in carnival games and activities in the gym and cafeteria, including face painting, dancing and eating light snacks.  

More than $1,474 was raised during the event, which will be used to support Minnesauke families in need. This is the fourth year this event has taken place.

Mount Students Experience History

Mount Students Experience History photo
Mount Students Experience History photo 2
Mount Students Experience History photo 3
Mount Students Experience History photo 4
As part of their study on the first Americans, fourth-grade students at W.S. Mount Elementary School had an opportunity to learn about Native Americans during a hands-on workshop called Journey Into Native American Territory.

The program brought the history and lives of the Eastern Woodlands people into the classroom through visual presentations and group activities. 

Throughout the two-day program, students were able to travel through a museum of artifacts and learn how to play traditional games that encouraged teamwork and honed survival skills. Additionally, students learned about Native American government and created clay duck decoys using traditional techniques and materials. Throughout the museum tour, the students took an up-close look at animal pelts, musical instruments, traditional clothing, athletic equipment and hunting tools. 

Student Historians Win Big

Student Historians Win Big photo
W.S. Mount Elementary School students showcased their knowledge of historical information when they took part in the written stage of the National History Bee this winter. 
As a result of their performance, 17 students advanced to compete in the next level of the competition – the online contest – for the chance to compete at the regional level in March. Mount students have advanced to the regional level for the past two years. 

Congratulations to Rachel Rose, Erinn Luo and Brady Reyling for earning first and (tied) second place in the school competition, respectively. 

Knitting Unites Volunteers

Knitting Unites Volunteers photo
R.C. Murphy Junior High School’s Community Connections Club recently lent their knitting skills to a worthy cause and created 470 caps for the neonatal unit at Stony Brook University Hospital. 

The after-school club, which is advised by teachers Ginger Ferraro and Emma Domino, established this project with the hospital three years ago as a way to give back to the local community. Each year, the club members have created and donated at least 300 caps for the cause.

This year’s donation was made extra special thanks to a donation from club member Caitlyn Calise and her grandma, who made more than 200 caps on their own. 

School Spelling Champs Advance

School Spelling Champs Advance photo
Three Village Central School District students showcased their linguistic skills this winter during a series of school spelling bee competitions and, as a result of their performances, four have advanced to the Long Island Spelling Bee. 

R.C. Murphy Junior High School eighth-grader Alana John was declared the winner at Murphy after correctly spelling the word “iridology.” P.J. Gelinas Junior High School eighth-grader Ryan Himmelsbach captured his fourth straight win with the word “slumgullion.” W.S. Mount Elementary School fourth-grader Ryan Karp captured his first win with the word “mandible.” Setauket Elementary School fifth-grader Ava Himmelsbach captured her second win with the word “stasis.”
These four will now represent their schools and the district at the Long Island Spelling Bee at Hofstra University on Feb. 4.

From Students to Journalists

From Students to Journalists photo
Minnesauke Elementary School sixth-graders in Brian Harvey’s class are stepping into the world of journalism and learning to become authentic reporters as part of a Kidsday initiative with Newsday. 

As part of the feature, the class is developing two book reviews, a toy review and five different surveys. In addition, four students were selected to travel into New York City to interview actor Jace Norman, star of the Nick show “Henry Danger.” 

Once completed, the students’ piece will appear in the feature section of Newsday. Currently, their work is slated for inclusion in the issues due out the week of April 1. 

Spring 2018 Continuing Education Brochure Now Available

Spring 2018 Continuing Education Brochure link
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