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Setauket Elementary School

Address: 134 Main Street, East Setauket, NY 11733
Main Office: (631) 730‑4600
Fax: (631) 730‑4604
Principal: Dr. Deana Rinaldi
Asst. Principal: Mrs. Cindy Perrotta
School Hours: 9:25a.m. - 3:40p.m.

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Student Art in the Community

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Student artwork thumbnail244326
Student artwork thumbnail244327
Student artwork thumbnail244328
Student artwork thumbnail244329
Student artwork thumbnail244330
Some of Michele Muzzonigro’s second grade students at Setauket Elementary School had their artwork chosen to be on display in the community. In honor of Women’s History Month, students learned about Alma Thomas, a Black female artist who is recognized as a major painter of the 20thcentury. Students created artwork inspired by Thomas which is now on display at the Port Jefferson Coach Reality Office and the Stony Brook Coach Reality Office.

Date Added: 3/28/2023

Wellness Walk Promotes Emotional Health

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Students and staff at a billboard thumbnail243315
Students putting things onto the wall thumbnail243316
Students sitting in a hallway and smiling at the camera thumbnail243317
Students touching a billboard thumbnail243318
Students putting things onto the wall thumbnail243319
Setauket Elementary School unveiled its schoolwide Wellness Walk on March 7. The Wellness Walk provides students with several resources to promote their social-emotional health and well-being.

Throughout the building, there are 14 stations that are part of the Wellness Walk. Each station offers a coping skill related to improving one’s mood, changing or distracting unhelpful thoughts and increasing relaxation skills. There are deep breathing stations, coloring stations, a sensory wall, an interactive tic-tac-toe board and movement stations to name a few. The stations benefit elementary age levels and offer students several ways to effectively deal with everyday stressors.

On the opening day of the Wellness Walk, classes had the opportunity to experience the stations during scheduled times. Throughout the year, the building’s social-emotional learning team will replace existing stations with new ideas. Setauket Elementary School hopes its initiative will expand to other schools in the district and promote mental health throughout the Three Village community.

Date Added: 3/10/2023

Exploring Sound in Science

Students working on an experiment thumbnail241791
Students working on an experiment thumbnail241792
Students working on an experiment thumbnail241793
Students working on an experiment thumbnail241794
Students smiling with a laptop in front of them thumbnail241795
Students working on an experiment thumbnail241796
Students working on an experiment thumbnail241797
Students smiling with a laptop in front of them thumbnail241798
Students smiling with a laptop in front of them thumbnail241799
Setauket Elementary School first graders are learning all about sound with the help of sixth graders through a dynamic, collaborative lab. The lab was originally designed by sixth grade teacher Richard Guez and teaching assistant Bridget Faughnan for the Phenomena Club, with the help of science lab teaching assistant Janet Moseman. The educators transformed the program into a 12-station, interactive lab to be incorporated into the first grade curriculum.

Throughout the lab, sixth graders guided first graders through hands-on experiments including sound and vibration games and activities that address water and sound, as well as resonance. Additionally, a technology component was incorporated, and students were able to use Phet simulations, YouTube sound effects and music-generating websites.

The sixth graders had to master each station themselves and become well-versed in the technology. They were excited to step into a teaching role and model the lab for their younger peers.

“They needed to understand that their role was not only to guide the first graders’ experience, but also to generate opportunities for them to enjoy, learn and wonder about each lab station,” Richard Guez said.

Date Added: 2/8/2023

Skill Station Collaboration

Fifth graders and second graders at Setauket Elementary School working together thumbnail241468

Fifth graders and second graders at Setauket Elementary School are working together in the classroom.

Throughout the month of January, students in Mrs. McCabe’s second grade class worked on social skills stations. Each week, there was a different focus and skill taught. Students then practiced these new skills in different stations focused on the themes of build, create, play and think. Some of the topics students learned through these stations included responsibility, perseverance, communication, flexibility and working together to solve problems.

Mrs. Henkowicz’s fifth grade students helped the second graders throughout this unit. They modeled the skills for their younger peers and helped problem solve as needed. The activity brought students together for collaborative learning.

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Date Added: 2/3/2023