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Minnesauke Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedure:

Arrival – 8:43 AM (doors open at 8:33 AM)    Dismissal – 2:58 PM (Bus pull out 3:08 PM)
It is important that students arrive to school on time.  Tardiness impacts a child’s learning process and puts him/her at a great educational and social disadvantage.  The beginning minutes of the morning set the tone for the class and often include important instructions for the day. Many children, when tardy, have a difficult time catching up and finishing what the rest of the class has already accomplished.  Tardiness impacts a child’s self-esteem and their organizational habits.  Additionally, tardiness greatly impacts the rest of the class, as the teacher has to stop what he or she is doing to give instructions to the latecomers.  Using district transportation would greatly alleviate this very serious problem.

The last minutes of the day focus on an explanation of homework assignments, organization of materials, tests and expectations for the following day.  Stressing the importance of promptness and staying until the class is dismissed models the proper expectations for your child, helps develop a sense of responsibility and sends a message of respect for the entire instructional day.  It is respectfully requested that you make any necessary appointments for your child after school hours.   Students should not be taken out of school early for outside lessons or practices.

Daily changes to a student’s transportation compromises our ability to safeguard your child(ren).  School buses can only transport children between school and that child’s designated bus stop.  Please note that the use of school buses to transport your child(ren) to any other location for non-school related activities, including bus stops, or alternate bus stops, is not permitted.  The only exception to a change in your child(ren)’s bus route will be for a permanent, every day change for the entire school year to a caretaker in your school’s attendance area.  This practice is unalterable. The procedure to implement this permanent change will be to submit your request in writing to your building principal prior to September 1st.  A letter from your caretaker must also be submitted with your request.  Your caretaker’s information must be on the letter and also it must be included on the “Emergency Contact Card” which is sent home on the first day of school.
Procedures for Picking Up Your Child At the End of the Day
Whenever possible please have your child ride the school bus.  Mornings and afternoons are very hectic in our parking lot. The fewer vehicles present, the safer it will be for everyone.  For everyone’s protection, no child will be released without a parent/guardian signature.  
1.    Send in a note to your child’s teacher on the day of pickup.

2.    Pick-ups begin at 2:50 on the east side of the building by the cafeteria.

3.    Please sign your child out at the monitor’s desk.

4.    If an adult other than a parent will be picking up your child, you must send a signed note to school informing the teacher of who will be taking your child from school along with their phone number.  To ensure safety, we cannot accept faxed letters or phone requests.

5.    If you are going away and are leaving your child(ren) in the care of someone else, we must have that information in writing along with a phone number for that person BEFORE you leave.

Automotive Transportation
We respectfully request that our students use district bus transportation to and from school.  We, however, realize that there are times when this may not be possible.  In those rare instances, please use the procedures outlined below:

•    If you must drop off or pick up your children, please do so via the High Gate Drive entrance.  Please be very mindful of the crosswalk and security guard and please follow safety procedures as outlined in the Minnesauke Safety Newsletter included on the website.  Cars are prohibited to pass stopped cars dropping off children in the Student Drop Off Zone.

•    Drivers may not “U-turn” at the drop off location in front of the building.  It is extremely dangerous.  

•    Cars will not be permitted access to the building from 7:30 AM through arrivals and from 2:00 PM through dismissal via the Bennett’s Road entrance.  With buses entering and exiting, there is no safe place in this area for students to be dropped off or picked up.

Please remember these rules are in place for the safety of all of our children.

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