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Three Village Remote School


Welcome to the Three Village Remote School! 


JUNE 15, 2021



Click here at 7 p.m.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

to view the 3V Remote School Beginner Band Concert!

*streaming  for 24 hrs starting tonight. 


 Remote Learning Expectations
  School Messenger 9-4-20
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       Remote Learning FAQs
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Student Book Pick-Up

       Virtual Open House

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Google Classroom



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 Tech Toolkit 

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Books: Books for all remote students are being arranged by your home school.   Please see the student book pick up document above for information from your home school. Make sure you have a working, updated email in iCampus so you don't miss important notices. 

School Pictures: Each school's PTA will be emailing you with plans for pictures for remote students at your home school.  Make sure you have a working, updated email in iCampus so you don't miss important notices. 

Open House: Our Virtual Open House will take place on September 23rd.

Your child's teacher will provide your Google Meet invitation. 

6pm Kindergarten and 1st grade 

 6:30 pm 2nd & 3rd grade

7 pm 4th, 5th, and 6th grade

If you need to speak to special area or special education faculty, please contact them via email. 

Remote Learning Conduct

Please be aware that there are Remote Learning Expectations in place that mirror the district Code of Conduct. Students are expected to participate and behave accordingly. If it wouldn't occur in a regular school setting, then it is probably not appropriate in the remote setting either. Thank you for your continued support in maintaining the integrity of a proper school environment for our remote students. 


In addition to informing your child's teacher, you must email the remote attendance office if your child is going to be absent.

Please include the child's name, grade, teacher, and reason for the absence in your email. 



      If you have any questions, please contact:

Nathalie C. Lilavois, Ed.D.

Director of Elementary Curriculum

* Three Village Remote School *
* Pre-K Program  *  SACC *

VoiceMail (631) 533-5623

Please be sure to include your child's first and last name, grade,
teacher, and home school in your VoiceMail message!
Thank you! 




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