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Are there security guards in each of the district’s schools?
Yes, the elementary schools, junior high schools, and high school have security personnel, as well as a district-wide vehicle patrol unit.

What type of security training does the district engage in on an annual basis to keep abreast of emergency management procedures?
The District provides the entire staff with S.A.V.E., situational awareness, and emergency procedure training on an annual basis. Lockdown drills are conducted in each of the buildings. The security guards receive specialized training annually. The District provides incident command training for the District’s emergency response personnel and building administrators. The high school students are also trained in emergency procedures.

Does the district conduct lockdown/lockout drills and are parents made aware of these drills prior to them happening?
Yes, as part of the District’s continued efforts to prepare for a potential emergency situation within the schools, lockdown drills are conducted throughout the school year. It is critical to the District’s efforts in assessing its security systems and emergency preparedness that these drills best simulate the spontaneity of an actual emergency situation so that our students and staff can better familiarize themselves with the roles they are expected to play. Therefore, the majority of these drills will be unannounced and prior notice will often not be provided. Of course, in the case of an actual emergency, the schools will maintain an open line of communication with parents/community and provide up-to-date information as it becomes available. The District has partnered with the local police and first responders including them in emergency drills.

Are there security cameras in the district’s schools?
Yes, there are over 600 surveillance cameras located throughout the District, both inside and outside the buildings.


During the school day are the buildings secure?
Yes, our buildings’ exterior doors are secured; all visitor entry is made through a security guard controlled vestibule.

Are visitors allowed in the schools?
Parents are certainly welcome in their child’s school but the District asks that visitors follow the school’s security protocols, which are designed to keep the buildings safe and secure for children. Upon arrival visitors will be required to produce photo identification and reason for their visit. Unannounced visits are not allowed.