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English as a New Language (ENL)


Department Director: Kerri Golini 631-730-4567

The ENL program is designed to service non-English speaking students to develop cultural awareness, basic communication skills, and academic content understanding. The program is individualized for each student based on the student’s level of English proficiency.  There are five levels associated with being in the ENL program: entering, emerging, transitioning, expanding and commanding.  A student’s level is based upon the result on the NYSITELL which is administered to a new entrant.

The program is centrally housed in the following schools: W.S. Mount Elementary, R.C. Murphy JHS and Ward Melville HS. Transportation is provided by the school district.


Avenues to Connect

During the school year we offer several opportunities for students and their families to learn about the school community.  We host a Parent Orientation in September, Parent Academy in the fall and “Dinner Around the World” in the spring. The dates for these events will be announced in the ENL classes and an informational flyer will be sent home with each student.



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