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Peaceful Playgrounds 

What are peaceful playgrounds?
Recess will be a lot more interesting and fun this year. As part of the Peaceful Playgrounds program, we have transformed our blacktop areas and bus circle into wonderful play are-as for our students.

Preparation for the Peaceful Playgrounds program has involved administration, teachers, lunch monitors and of course our students.  For more information on the program, please visit

Peaceful Playgrounds offer a variety of games that are designed to encourage cooperative play and choices for play at recess. For most students, having a lot of choices makes a big difference. No longer will students need to wait in line for games and equipment. Peaceful Play-grounds provides a variety of games including; Four Square, Hop-scotch, Alphabet Grid, Bean Bag Toss and a whole host of other wonderful games!

Students learn to play cooperatively, share equipment and learn conflict resolution strategies. Students will be learning how to play each of the games in their physical education classes in the up-coming weeks.

Conflict Resolution Strategies:
1. Walk-Students are taught to walk away from the problem.

2. Talk– Students discuss the conflict with a moderator (the lunch monitor) and end with an apology.

3. Rock/Paper/Scissors-Students will use Rock/Paper/Scissors to resolve disputes quickly and get back to the game.