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Math - Junior High School

What is AIS and what qualifies my child to receive it for mathematics?

AIS stands for Academic Intervention Services and is defined by New York State as “additional instruction which supplements the instruction provided in the general curriculum and assists students in meeting the state learning standards.”  Students who score below a prescribed performance level on New York State assessments qualify to receive AIS.  These services may include progress monitoring, support classes during the school day, or support classes outside of school hours.

If my child does not qualify for Academic Intervention Services, are there any additional support resources they can utilize?

Yes.  The mathematics department offers extra help during scheduled times, such as your child’s lunch period, before or after school, and by appointment.  Contact your child’s classroom teacher or the department chairperson for further information and times.  Students also have the option of enrolling in a math lab class which offers an additional instructional period on alternating days. 

What is the difference between the honors mathematics program and the honors theory mathematics program?

Students who take both honors math and honors theory math will be accelerated one year, beginning in Grade 8, and both courses receive the same honors weighting.  Students in the honors theory class will be exposed to enrichment designed to foster a deeper understanding through self-discovery.

Does my child have to maintain a certain level of performance for the honors or honors theory mathematics class?

Yes.  Students must maintain an overall average of 90 by the 15th week of school to remain in their current course level.  Eighth grade honors students who do not meet this requirement will be placed into an eighth-grade math class.  Honors theory students who do not maintain this level of proficiency will be placed into an honors math class.

What can I do to help my child at home with his/her math skills?

Communication with the classroom teacher serves as the best means to providing your child with the individualized support they need.  You can monitor your child’s performance through the Parent Portal and work with the classroom teacher to adjust learning behaviors and habits.  As success in math often comes from hands-on practice, there are many websites and tablet applications that can provide these additional supporting activities.  Contact your child’s classroom teacher to learn more about those that are appropriate for his/her level and needs.