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Health/Physical Education FAQs

Why do I have to take health and PE?

Health and physical education class are important to take in order to have the proper knowledge on how to keep your body healthy and physically fit. The New York State Education Department requires both courses in order to meet NYS high school graduation requirements.


Can I wear jewelry during physical education class?

Jewelry is not allowed to be worn during physical education class or athletic activities. This would include but is not limited to: piercings, watches, necklaces, earrings and rings. Students will be asked to remove all jewelry. If a student does not remove their jewelry, the student will not be allowed to participate and they will receive a zero participation grade for that class.


Do I need a lock and locker for physical education class?

Yes.  All students at Ward Melville High School are provided a locker with a built-in combination lock.  Combinations are on the student’s schedule in iCampus (the Parent Portal).


If I am sick or don’t participate in physical education class, can I still participate in athletics after school?

Students not participating in physical education class may not participate in athletics on that day unless granted permission from the department chairperson. Athletics are considered an extension of the physical education program.


If my child is sick but I am sending them to school, do they still have to participate in physical education class?
Medical exclusions from class must be in writing from a doctor with a diagnosis if the student will miss more than two weeks. The note must be presented to the student’s physical education teacher and the nurse. Students excused for any more than two weeks will be given book gym (written) assignments. A student, depending on the medical diagnosis, may be provided an alternative activity only if the situation permits. For example, if a student has a broken wrist, they could still walk.  

If the student is ill due to a cold or other minor illness, a parental note can be written for the child to be excused for one physical education class only.