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7th Grade Placement

What is the process for placement in honors programs in 7th grade?

In order to place students in the appropriate level at the junior high schools, several data points are considered.  

  • For placement in math honors, the student’s grades, the second trimester score on the 6th grade math-screening program, the teacher observation report, and the district math placement test are utilized.  For an invitation to the district math placement test, a student must score in the top 10% in the math-screening program.  Students who score in the mastery level (85% or higher) on the district math placement test may be considered for the Algebra I Honors Theory course.
  • Science uses the math-screening process along with a minimum of a 4.0 average in science coursework.
  • For placement in ELA, the student’s grades, the second trimester score on the 6th grade reading screening program, and the teacher observation report are utilized.  The student must be in the high 6th grade band or higher and have a minimum of a 4.0 average in reading and writing.
  • Social studies uses the same process as ELA along with the grades in social studies.
  • There is no honors level in World Language at the junior high schools.  


How do I appeal my child’s placement in 7th grade?

Placement appeals are heard by the end of the 6th grade school year by the respective department leader in the assigned junior high school.  Final grades and screenings will be utilized in the appeal.  At that time, students must have scores in the 7th grade range on both the math and reading screenings in order to be placed in honors levels.  Once the appeal is heard and a decision is rendered by the department leadership, a parent may appeal to the principal of the respective junior high school.