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Has the district consider a later start time for the high school?

During the 2009-2010 school year, the district formed a large, multi-disciplinary committee, which met over the course of a year to examine the issue of school start time. The major objective of the committee was to determine whether the high school start time could be altered and the elementary school children would attend school at an earlier time. While the research is substantial and well-validated that an early start time for teenagers does have an impact academically, physically, and psychologically, the committee did not believe altering the start time would be in the best interest of the entire school community of students. Transportation did pose the largest concern, but there were also concerns with BOCES, athletics, and work study programs to mention a few of the more significant issues. With regard to the elementary schools, the staff was unanimously opposed to an earlier start time, highlighting the negative impact on music programs.
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