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Art After Dark Artist Showcase – Nov. 14

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Researching Greek Mythology

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As part of their social studies classes, Setauket Elementary School sixth-graders have been learning about ancient Greece and the impact the society had on the world today.

To help the students further understand the different gods and goddesses celebrated in the country, they made poster displays on an individual of their choice.  On each of the boards, which were hung in the school for all to enjoy, they included information on their chosen individual’s power symbols, character traits, relationships with other gods, family tree, what they represented and their Roman counterpart. Additionally, they read and summarized a myth about their chosen figure.

Heart Smart

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Setauket Elementary School students joined the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope for Heart initiative this winter, as they participated in a 10-station obstacle course in their physical education classes.

The students jumped rope, as well as danced and navigated through the different challenges as they worked to keep their hearts and bodies healthy. In addition to the health benefits for the event, the students also raised funds to support the American Heart Association’s work.
“It felt great to help raise funds knowing that they would help people with sick hearts,” said first-grader Lilly Rampone, who personally raised more than $200 by setting up a hot chocolate stand on her driveway.

Annually, Setauket School raises between $5,000-$8,000 for the American Heart Association.

This year, the school raised a total of $6,895.99 for the cause.

100 Reasons to Give

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Setauket Elementary School students marked the 100th day of school through a community service initiative aimed at giving back to local families in need.

Kindergarten through third-grade students teamed up to collect 100 items per class for the district’s and local food pantries. Together they collected hundreds of nonperishable food items, toiletries and paper products for members of the community. The grades also shortened the collections by 10s and completed other math and writing projects based on the number 100.

Spelling Champ

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As a result of her outstanding spelling skills, Setauket Elementary School fourth-grader Ava Himmelsbach has been named the winner in her school’s annual spelling bee.

Ava won the contest by correctly spelling “obligation” after competing in close to 30 challenging rounds against the building’s top spellers from grades four through six. She will now compete in the Long Island Spelling Bee at Hofstra University this February.

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